Hurricane Florence only minimally damaged Big Rock Sports facilities in North Carolina, the company told its partners via email, and it expects for operations to be somewhat normal soon.

Big Rock Sports is headquartered in Graham, North Carolina. It has an office in Morehead City, which had minimal damage. A small team of employees returned to the Hamlet Distribution Center (RC) on Sept. 17 to get it operational.

Here’s the email sent to its partners:

Dear Friends,

Our hearts go out to those families who have lost loved ones. We share in the frustration and sense of loss associated to personal property damage. And, we are constantly amazed by, and grateful for, our first responders, National Guard and Highway Patrol who are there to rescue those in need and help lead the rebuilding and clean-up efforts. We’re also extremely thankful for all the offers of help we have received from our friends and business partners.

We have maintained a steady message of “safety first”’ for our employees. We have been in constant contact with team members throughout the storm and are happy to report that all BRS associates are safe and have not experienced any personal injury. We do have several team members who have experienced different levels of property damage including flooding and falling trees. We will continue to work closely with those team members to provide support in any way possible.

Our office in Morehead City, NC, experienced minor damage from the wind and did not experience any flooding. As soon as power is restored (hopefully in the next 24–48 hours) this office will be open for business. All functions needed to keep your orders moving (when you are ready for them) are being managed from other Big Rock locations until Morehead City can reopen. Our headquarters in Graham, NC, just west of Raleigh, is just fine and we have maintained power and normal working hours and conditions.

The Hamlet Distribution Center (RC) is open this morning and working with a small crew. We are open for those employees who feel it is safe to travel to work and who have already been able to take care of their homes and families. Just getting back to work is sometimes the best kind of “normal.” We expect our Hamlet DC to be back to full speed within the next couple of days.

All other Big Rock Sports facilities are unaffected and operating as normal.

In short, we have made it through the storm with minimal disruption. We are extremely grateful for you offers of support. If you are looking for more information, or looking for ways to help those in need, the links below are very helpful.

Ready NC
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster