Four models of the Pulsar Trail LRF, designed for hunting varmints and predators, are now shipping to dealers.

The XQ38 LRF, XQ50 LRF, XP38 LRF and XP50 LRF feature an integrated LRF, which means the target distance on the unit’s screen is visible up to 1,100 yards and cannot be removed and put on other units.

Pulsar’s Trail LRFs are compatible with WiFi remote view via the Stream Vision app. The models feature built-in video recording with sound, an eight-hour rechargeable battery and picture-in-picture digital zoom.

The XP50, for example, has a 1.6 magnification and range detection to 1800 meters. Image definition is enhanced thanks to a heat sink on the unit that helps prevent heat buildup from the sensor and other components. It also reduces the temperature and noise sensitivity, especially between calibrations.

Whether you’re hunting varmints from inside close range or predators from afar, the integrated LRF will help you take the perfect shot.