Kimber has expanded for 2019 and a new line of pistols, the EVO SP, is billed as a premium offering for the discriminating owner.

Dealers can begin placing orders for these pistols and the Mountain Ascent hunting rifle, which adds five popular calibers.

The EVO SP series has four models, all in 9mm, ranging in MSPR from $856 to $1,047. The striker-fired pistols have an all-metal construction which should help reduce muzzle rise. The EVO SP CS (Custom Shop) features Stiplex front and rear cocking serrations, Stiplex front strap checkering, G10 Stiplex-inspired black and gray grips and backstrap, a stainless steel slide and barrel feature FNC finish and matching frame cuts to accent the slide and overall appearance.

Kimber’s K6s revolvers.

K6 Revolvers

Kimber has added its first double- and single-action trigger variant in the K6 line with the DASA, available in 3-inch and 2-inch barrel lengths chambered in .357 Magnum.

Kimber says the DASA “maintains the benefits of the original K6s, double action trigger pull, compact envelope, six shot capacity, but now (offers) an option for those who prefer a single action trigger.”

The K6s DASA 3 Inch features a 3-inch barrel, smooth no stack double (9.5 to 10lb) and single (3 to 3.5lb) action trigger, white 3-dot sights, knurled hammer spur, serrated backstrap, and checkered laminate walnut grips. MSRP is $970 for the 2-inch K6s DASA and $970 for the 3-inch K6s DASA.


Micro 9

For 2019, the Micro 9 welcomes three new models: two Exposed Slide Variant pistols—Micro 9 ESV with a black frame and slide with gold titanium nitride-coated barrel, Micro 9 ESV with a charcoal gray frame and slide with rose copper Titanium CarboNitride-coated barrel, and a KHX model for the Micro 9 platform.

The Micro 9 pricing is as follows: $799 for the MICRO 9 ESV (BLACK), $799 for the MICRO 9 ESV (GRAY) and $815 for the MICRO 9 (KHX).

With the addition of the K6s DAO, 2019 brings the addition of a TLE finish for the K6s in 2- and 3-inch barrels, and LG models for the DC and CDP K6s.

The TLE models feature a Matte Black Finish, Tritium night sights, and green and black scalloped textured G10 three-finger grooved boot grips. For those who require a small package with mild recoil, K6s provides the power needed for concealed carry, home protection and many other applications.

The K6s pricing is as follows: K6s DC (LG) MSRP $1485, K6s CDP (LG) MSRP $1510, K6s TLE 2in MSRP $1020, K6s TLE 3in MSRP $1020.

KIMBER Mountain Ascent SubAlpine.

Mountain Ascent

Kimber has added to its rifle lineup with the Mountain Ascent, now available in the Subalpine pattern, and an additional caliber offering in the Hunter Boot Campaign.

The Mountain Ascent family of rifles offers weight-shaving standard features such as a carbon fiber reinforced stock, fluted barrel, spiral fluted bolt body and skeletonized bolt knob and extractor. That brings the rifle in at less than 5 pounds while still retaining sub-MOA accuracy.

The Mountain Ascent in Subalpine is now available in 308 Win, 280 Ack Imp, 30-06 Sprg, 300 WSM, 300 Win Mag, while the Hunter Boot Campaign has added 6.5 Creedmoor.

Rifle pricing is as follows: Mountain Ascent (Subalpine) MSRP $2,082, Hunter (Kryptek Highlander, Boot Campaign) MSRP $1,005.