Top Stocking Stuffers For Gun Lovers

When considering valuable retail floor space, stuffers have to be easy to merchandise near the check out line. Here are some of our suggestions that just might encourage more last-minute buys.
Top Stocking Stuffers For Gun Lovers

Stocking stuffers tend to be last minute impulsive purchases. Also, by their very nature, they can't be too expensive. When considering valuable retail floor space, stuffers have to be easy to merchandise near the check out line. Here are some of our suggestions that just might encourage more last-minute buys.

Birchwood Casey Battle At Sea Targets

Battleship targetsHere’s a stocking stuffer pro tip that you can pass on to your customers. Since everyone appreciates a bigger sock with more stuff in it, roll up a set of these Battleship Targets and insert them half way into an empty stocking. Now you can fit lots more gear and goodies in there.

All though the Birchwood Casey folks call these “Battle at Sea” the idea is just like that old favorite game Battleship. That’s right, these targets have opposing plinkers shooting each others destroyers, subs, and yes, battleships. There’s not a paper target available that’s more fun. And the best part is that these are sure to draw attention at the checkout display.

MSRP: $12.70 a set

Maglula UpLULA Magazine Loader

Maglula UpLULAHelp your customers help their loved ones to save the fingers! Bar none, this is the easiest and most efficient magazine loading and unloading tool we’ve found. The UpLULA uses a flat surface and innovative squeeze design to compress rounds into the magazine so you can just drop new ones in at the rate of about one per second – no finger pressure required. The same model works on nearly every single and double stack magazine, although there are a few exceptions so make sure you check the lists.

Maglula makes equally functional tools for rifle and small caliber magazines too.

MSRP: $38.95

Ergo Delta Grip

Ergo Delta GripSmall? Check. Easy to display? Check. Big market potential? Check. Affordable? Check. The Ergo Delta Grip is the perfect stocking stuffer idea. Designed to fit a round butt J-frame revolver, the Delta grip looks awkward, but might just be the most natural snubbie grip out there. For me, snub noses point naturally high, and as we all know, they aren’t exactly easy to control. The Delta Grip addresses both of those problems with aplomb. Trust me and try one.

Make sure and install one of these on a J-Frame somewhere that customers can see it – it’s a conversation starter for sure.

MSRP: $26.75

TAPCO AR Magazine Vise Block

TAPCO AR Vise BlockFor the modern sporting rifle owner, a simple magazine vise block is an indispensable tool. Just clamp the bottom half of the block into a normal bench vise and slide the magazine well over the top half. Now you can unhinge the upper and lower receivers for easy and hands-free access for cleaning and maintenance. No more juggling of the rifle and both hands are free to scrub.

MSRP: $9.99

Grime Boss Hand Wipes

Grime Boss Hand WipesHand wipes? Yes, hand wipes. These 24-count packs fit easily into a range bag and are perfect for getting range filth and most of the poisonous stuff off your hands while still there. They’re two sided – rough on one and smooth on the other, so you can scrub amazing amounts of dirt away with each. Yes, they have moisturizer, but they’re unscented, so they’re great for hunting applications too. I never, ever go to the range without a pack of these heavy duty scrubs in my bag. Oh, they come in a heavy plastic bag, but with a resealable lid that actually works. Try ‘em out!

Available in 10, 18, 30 and 60 packs

Real Avid Toolio Scope Mounting Kit

Real Avid Toolio

Technically this is marketed as a cope mounting kit, but quite frankly, it makes a fantastic and exceptionally compact general purpose tool for the range bag. Seven double-ended tools give you 14 flathead, Phillips, and Torx drivers. It even includes a small container of thread lock should you ever want to actually mount a scope.

If you want to offer a selection of handy and portable tools, check out Real Avid’s 1911 and AR-15 tools too. They hang on a key ring for belt or shooting bag use.

MSRP: $34.99

Magpul MOE MSR Stock

Magpul MOE Butt Stock

So this one isn’t new on the market but is arguably one of the handiest and easiest upgrades one can do for a modern sporting rifle. Based on the number of AR-rifles I see at the range with boring mil-spec carbine stocks, there are plenty of rifles out there needing some nicer furniture.

Here’s why I like it. It’s built Magpul tough, so it works and will last. The rubber butt plate allows you to actually lean the rifle against a table or bench without the butt sliding out from under. Oh, and it stays put on your shoulder while shooting. The activation lever for the length of pull adjustment is solid and won’t come loose when you don’t want it to. As a stocking stuff, your giftee will appreciate that it can be installed in seconds with no tools. Instant gratification!

MSRP: $39.95


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