NASGW15: Dead Air Silencers New .45 Ghost

Dead Air Silencers offers a new suppressor for pistols up to .45 caliber that's modular with a reduced length.
NASGW15: Dead Air Silencers New .45 Ghost

Up and coming suppressor maker Dead Air Silencers has just announced it is releasing a new suppressor for pistols.

The cool thing about this can is that it's modular -- you can keep it at its full length, or unscrew the front section, reattach the end cap, and throw lead down range quietly in a more compact package.


The Ghost follows the release this summer of the Mask 22 and the company's first suppressor, the Sandman-S and Sandman-L in 7.62.

The company is also releasing a new muzzle device that has several innovative features intriguing to shooters who dig cool brakes.



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