As if the world of archery broadheads couldn’t get more technical, Rage has raised the bar with its devastating new 3-blade sticker with KORE engineering.

In response to bans in some states that regard mechanical broadheads as barbed cutting surfaces that bind during extraction, the new Rage 3-blade has a “Slip-Cam” deployment system that eliminates interference between the blades.

“This new KORE design absolutely eliminated interference between the stainless-steel blades, but Rage engineers never anticipated the accuracy and on-game devastation that their new design could produce,” Rage says. “The slim 3/4-inch in-flight profile of the new Rage 3-Blade proved itself field-point accurate, but its penetration and internal destruction has been unprecedented in both gelatin and field tests.”

The new 3-blade deploys 1.08-inch blades and produces a 1.6-inch hole with more than 3 inches of cutting area. A three pack of these new broadheads runs at an MSRP of $49.99.