Faxon Firearms has introduced Magazine Marker Bands — colored bands for magazines to help shooters quickly identify the ammunition in their mags.

Three colors are available: blue for 5.56/.223, red for 300 BLK, and yellow for 7.62×39. A side effect of the quick-change modularity of today’s tactical guns and the use of common mags as frequently as possible is that keeping everything straight can sometimes require more work than should be needed.

Magazine Marker Bands can also be used by shooting ranges with multiple rental guns to improve safety and to help less-experienced shooters keep everything straight.

“What started off to be a simple safety precaution has turned into something that so many of our customers demanded,” says Nathan Schueth, Director of Operations for Faxon Firearms. “We decided to make these bands part of our regular product offering and the response has been tremendous. They are an inexpensive way to streamline your magazine storage and keep multiple caliber platforms organized.”

Magazine Marker Band packs have an MSRP of $9.99. Bulk pricing is available for dealers and shooting ranges.