Steyr Arms has made its Scout Rifle available in two new colors. It’s also now offered in OD Green and “MUD,” Steyr’s tannish tone along the lines of flat dark earth.

Additionally, the popularity of the Scout Rifle had led to large purchases from Steyr in Austria, in turn leading to an across-the-board lowering of prices for .308 Scout Rifles in black, gray, OD green, or MUD. The new MSRP for these models is $1,699, with an additional $200 savings available through the end of 2014.


The Steyr Scout is the result of collaboration between Steyr Mannlicher and Jeff Cooper, the creator and proponent of the scout rifle concept. The Steyr Scout is a lightweight bolt-action all-purpose rifle, designed for accurate fire without optics or with only a forward-mounted low-powered scope. Integrated back-up sights can be deployed quickly if needed.

Though fed from a 5-round or optional 10-round magazine, the Steyr Scout is also designed for easy feeding of individual rounds with the magazine in a lowered cutoff position. A back-up magazine can be kept in the rifle’s buttstock.

The Steyr Scout’s stock also incorporates an integrated folding bipod which can be deployed and retracted quickly and easily. It has a 20-inch fluted cold-hammer forged barrel and a single-stage adjustable trigger. The rifle has an overall length of 39.4 inches and weighs 6.6 pounds empty.