There’s no doubt the Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle is a pretty awesome piece of gear, merging tactical with practical on a precision platform that’s tuned for rugged use.

Now the company has released a version that includes a lightweight, black composite stock that reduces rifle weight to 6.25 lbs. — almost a pound lighter than the one with a wood laminate stock.

“Developed in conjunction with Gunsite Academy, America’s oldest private firearms training facility, the Gunsite Scout Rifle is a relatively lightweight, do-all rifle, consistent with Col. Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept,” Ruger says. “Based on the Ruger® M77 family, the Gunsite Scout Rifle has M77 features such as controlled round feed and integral scope mounts (scope rings included) and is supplied with a 10-round detachable steel box magazine.”

The rifle’s trigger guard and magazine well are formed with glass-reinforced nylon and the mag release is a push-forward Mini-14 style paddle just forward of the trigger guard. Each has a radial port muzzle brake fitted on 5/8″-24 threads with a 16.1-inch cold hammer forged barrel.

Available in .308 Win, the Gunsite Scout rifle carries an MSRP of around $1,000.