Well, the time has finally come where we can break the silence.

In case you hadn’t heard it already, Remington has officially released its new pocket .380 ACP self-defense handgun that it says is more accurate and durable than other handguns in its class.

Shooting Sports Retailer had the chance to give the new RM380 a run during a writer’s event at Gunsite Academy last year and the bantam-weight beauty is a hoot to shoot. One of the most noticeable characteristics of the RM380 is its solid feel. An all metal design, the RM380 has a confidence inspiring weight and heft that helps reduce recoil and seems to increase controllability.

The RM380 weighs in at just over 12 ounces and has a great feel under fire.

The 410 stainless barrel measures at 2.9 inches, slightly longer than the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, which seems to be its closest competitor. The RM380 weighs in at a diminutive 12.1 ounces with a slender 5.27-inch overall length and 3.86-inch height. The grip has a slightly extended beavertail which helps those of us with bigger hands obtain an optimum grip, and the pistol is packaged with two six-round magazines — one of which incorporates an extension for a better grip.

The RM380 comes with two six-round magazines and has an MSRP of $417.

Note the prototype magazine extension (white plastic).

There are certainly several guns in this class to choose from, but at an MSRP of  $417, the new RM380 could potentially sway those buyers who have been leery of polymer-framed pocket guns and prefer the solid feel of an all-metal construction without the weight penalty of a bigger-bored carry gun.



Remington RM380 Semi-Auto Micro Pistol

Order #





.380 Auto

Mag. Capacity


BBL Length

2.9 Inches

Barrel Type

410 Stainless Steel

Rifling Twist Rate


Overall Length

5.27 in

Overall Height

3.86 in

Grip Material

Glass Filled Nylon

Grip Design

Removable, Replaceable Grip Panels



Trigger Pull

Double Action Only – Approx. 10 Pounds

Average Weight

12.2 Ounces (unloaded &without magazine)