Tetra Gun has released two new products for gun cleaning. The additions to Tetra’s gun-care chemical line are the Synthetic-Safe Triple Action spray and Dry Finish Lubricant.

“Tetra Gun care’s new Dry Finish Lubricant formula performs exceptionally well for gun cleaning. It fills another niche need for our customers,” FTI, Inc. General Manager Greg Cohen said in a press release. “For those shooting in dusty, sandy conditions, Tetra Gun Dry Finish Lubricant will offer excellent performance and reliable operation.

Dry Finish Lubricant is applied wet then sets to a dry-like feel that is less likely to attract buildup. Synthetic-Safe Triple Action spray is an aerosol product that cleans then evaporates. It leaves only a light lubricant coating on gun metals.

Coming In 2017

New from Tetra Gun for 2017 is the Bore Boar bore cleaning rope and original Tetra Gun Grease in a 1-pound jar and the “green” Cleaner Degreaser in a 1-gallon jug.

“On the accessory side,” Cohen said, “the new Tetra Gun 3-Piece Wire Twist brush set makes for a great addition to any handgun owner’s range bag, with scrubbing action for .22-caliber, 9mm and .45-caliber sizes.
For more information, visit www.tetraguncare.com.

About FTI, Inc.

FTI, Inc. pioneered synthetic lubricants more than 30 years ago with its invention of the original Tetra Gun Grease, a fluoropolymer lubricant engineered to withstand the elements under a diversity of climates and conditions. Since then, many other products have come to market. They’ve had promises of performance, but Tetra Gun Care remains the reliable standard for many shooters worldwide.