Known for its accurate, innovative and dependable firearms, Traditions has been providing quality firearms for the past 30 years. Traditions offers blackpowder rifles and pistols, cartridge rifles and revolvers, blank pistols, Build-It-Yourself rifle and pistol kits and cannons as well as a full line of accessories and optics. Traditions has added three new rifles, the Vortek StrikerFire Backcountry, the PA Pellet Ultralight and the Outfitter G2, to previously released lines.

Vortex StrikerFire Backcountry

The Vortek StrikerFire Backcountry has a 26-inch Chromoly barrel, making this gun more maneuverable and perfect for long hunts where weight counts. This is the muzzleloader you’ll want with you in the backcountry when you’ll walk mile after mile and need a rifle that won’t weigh you down. Smaller framed shooters can also use this rifle more comfortably thanks to the compact barrel length. The Backcountry weighs 5.8 pounds.

The Vortek StrikerFire Backcountry has all of the same great features as the standard and LDR StrikerFire models. The gun features the patented StrikerFire system with no external hammer, TAC2 Trigger system with a trigger set at 2 pounds, Hogue Comfort-Grip Overmolding, Accelerator Breech Plug, Dual Safety System and more. The Backcountry also comes with Nitride Finish which coats both the outside and inside of the barrel and provides superior protection against rust, corrosion, and pitting.
The Vortek StrikerFire Backcountry is also available in Northwest models. The MSRP ranges from $566 to $640.

PA Pellet Ultralight

The PA Pellet Ultralight is described as a game changer. Based off Traditions’ popular .50-caliber PA Pellet Flintlock rifle, Traditions has changed the barrel to be made of premium grade Chromoly steel which is typically found on centerfire rifles. This material makes the barrel extremely strong, lightweight and accurate. The PA Pellet Ultralight is also outfitted with a 26-inch barrel with a 1:28-inch twist which allows saboted bullets and modern muzzleloading projectiles to be used in this rifle. The Accelerator Breech Plug allows the breech plug to be removed for easy cleaning.
Additionally, both the outside and inside of the PA Pellet Ultralight barrel is coated with Nitride Finish. This finish provides maximum protection against weather and corrosion and also prevents the rifle from pitting, providing increased accuracy.
The PA Pellet Ultralight is available in Flintlock and a variety of stock finishes including hardwood and camo. The MSRP ranges from $426 to $506.

Outfitter G2

The Outfitter G2 rifle is a break-action, single-shot rifle. This centerfire rifle is perfect for whitetail and big game hunting.
With a 22-inch Chromoly fluted barrel, the Outfitter G2 is lightweight, easy to carry and extremely accurate. The Outfitter G2 has an 11-degree target crown and the point of balance has been moved rearward to accommodate smaller framed shooters. This rifle is one of the safest on the market thanks to the transfer bar system and the trigger block safety. Weighing in at 5.8 pounds, the Outfitter G2 is perfect for long hunts where weight counts.
Available in .357 MAG, .35 Whelen, .44MAG, .45-70 and .35 Rem there is a model for everyone. Scoped/Case packages are also available. MSRP ranges from $439 to $586.