Hunters and shooters rely on the Kestrel weather meter to provide reliable, rock-solid information when they’re in the field.

Kestrel’s pocket-sized weather meters give specific, real-time wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, altitude and other information. This enables users to predict impending changes in weather conditions to shift locations or remain in place. Or, depending on what it’s being used for, the weather conditions might indicate it’s not a good time for a prescribed burn or the best time to pour and set concrete. These technological marvels aren’t just for outdoors enthusiasts.

Kestrel weather meters also are used by firefighters, construction workers, campers and hikers, farmers, racing stewards and others who need the most up-to-date weather information. Kestrel weather meters are built with quality components and checked rigorously to meet the company’s standards. The meters undergo multiple quality-control tests before being shipped to consumers.

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