Purses and satchels intended for concealed carry are often expensive or obvious. Going with one means leaving more stylish bags behind, and trading in the fancy purse for a different model can tip a gun carrier’s hand. The new Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert from EAA Corp allows gun owners to convert many of their current purses, satchels, and other bags into carry bags as needed.

The Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert is a simple and adjustable unit which slides into a purse or bag. After adjusting for width, a holster is attached to the insert and the standard bag becomes a carry bag. The hook and loop attachment for the holster allows the gun owner to position the gun for easy reach and drawing regardless of the bag design.

Though standard purses and bags might not have all the bells and whistles of purpose-designed carry bags, the ability to use standard fashionable bags and to move the concealed carry system from purse to purse can make carry more convenient and, therefore, more likely to be an everyday option.

Recent statistics released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation indicate that nearly 40 percent of new shooters (those with less than 5 years of shooting experience) are women, nearly half live in urban or suburban areas, and less than a third hunted in 2012. Options for women to carry guns for self-defense are increasing and the Pavona D’Wedge Purse Insert looks like an attractive option that will appeal to many who might balk at giving up their favorite purse.