SilencerCo now has a competitor to its Salvo 12 gauge shotgun suppressor coming from Turkey-based shotgun maker Utas.

Coming in at almost half the weight, an inch shorter and about a third of the cost, the new Utas Octave is a carbon fiber wrapped 12-gauge suppressor that can knock down a scattergun’s report to as little as 135 decibels.

Essentially the Octave muffles the shotgun’s blast by using a core of specially-designed fibrous insulation made from volcanic rock that’s heat and flame resistant, says Utas-USA CEO Ted Hatfield. The fiber is spun like cotton candy and encased in a steel mesh, then wrapped around a 4140 skeletonized steel muffler tube¬†that’s designed not to inhibit the flight of the shotgun shell wad.

Expanding gas passes from the muffler tube through stainless steel baffling screens into two separate expansion chambers filled with the special noise dampening packing material, the company says, and the Octave can run wet or dry.

“It’s like taking a firecracker and putting it into a pillow,” Hatfield says.

The Octave weighs in at 19.8 ounces measures 11 inches and carries a retail price of $899. Adaptor chokes are available for $95 and cover Win Choke, Rem Choke and Beretta Choke patterns.

Editor’s Note: SilencerCo contacted Shooting Sports Retailer and argued it’s Salvo carries a street price very close to the MSRP of the Utas, with the Salvo retailing for $985 on Silencershop.