At the Counter: ALPS Outdoorz Transporter

The ALPS Outdoorz Transporter protects smartphones with a tough cover while allowing use of the phone and may be a solid impulse item at your checkout area.
At the Counter: ALPS Outdoorz Transporter

"At the Counter:" stories are a new, occasional feature for about interesting products for your check-out or counter areas.

Visit any big box store and around the cash registers and check-out lines you'll see "impulse" products displayed in the hope of another sale or three while a customer is waiting.

Phones in the Transporter are protected from water and the elements but still can be accessed for use thanks to the clear covering. (Photo: Alan Clemons)

They're strategically placed, of course, and typically have vivid colors. Consider all the candy wrappers and potato chip bags; Mr. Goodbar is bright yellow, Doritos Nacho Cheese is vivid red. Cigarette lighters are colorful. Almost everything is eye-catching and inexpensive.

You can do the same with your counter space near the register to get the attention of customers before or during checkout. A smartly placed rack and uncluttered countertop helps draw the eye to the one or two highlighted products, such as the ALPS Outdoorz Transporter.

This nifty outdoors accessory is designed to protect smartphones from water. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating thanks to the clear, soft TPU material. Simply slide in a phone, secure the locking mechanism — it's similar (but much better!) to the Ziploc bag seal — and you're done.

The Transporter also has a clear screen so you can continue to use the phone while it's protected. The adjustable SR buckle lets the user hook it to a belt loop, bag, inside a bag or almost anywhere.

The Transporter retails for $12.99 and can be a good pitch to waterfowlers, deer hunters, upland hunters or anyone wanting to protect their phone when they're outdoors.

Featured image: Alan Clemons


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