How The GunStore Point-Of-Sale System Brings Convenience To You

FFL Design’s new GunStore Point-Of-Sale System combines other applications to make managing behind the scenes of your store easier than ever before.
How The GunStore Point-Of-Sale System Brings Convenience To You

FFL Design has a new option if you’re looking for a simpler, more convenient way to purchase from manufacturers and keep all your papers and documents organized. The young company recently released its newest software — GunStore Point-of-Sale System — and explained the details at SHOT Show 2017.

What Is The Point-Of-Sale System?

The Point-of-Sale System is a cloud-based system that allows dealers to operate and manage their store from anywhere that has Internet access. The cloud-based system works with other FFL Design systems, including vArmory, Dealer Exchange, Dealer Direct and eCommerce Cart, and plays the role of an organizer for keeping documents from other apps in one location through integration. Think of it the same way Apple’s iCloud integrates your photos, contacts, email, reminders, etc. The Point-of-Sale System does the same with corresponding applications.

“This is something dealers have been asking for for about two years now,” FFL Design Managing Partner Scott Turlington said. “It’s the first ever cloud-based point-of-sale system based exclusively for the firearm industry that is universally agnostic — that means it doesn’t favor one distributor or the other.”

Featuring any and every distributor and manufacturer having the ability to sale products is what sets this Point-of-Sale System apart from others — along with its affordability. Turlington said similar software can cost as much as several thousand dollars. Those software options will also need to be updated in time, which costs more money. With the Point-of-Sale System, there’s a monthly price based on which package you choose and that’s it. There are no sign-up fees, no extra monthly fees and no cancelation fee. There’s also a free 14-day trial when you sign up.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 3.28.00 PMWhat Are The Packages?

Monthly plans start at $99 per month. The basic plan includes one register and up to five users. The business option is $149 per month. It includes everything as the basic plan but adds a second register and can have up to 10 users. It also adds QuickBook and Constant Contact as other applications that can be added to your integrated cloud.

The top Point-of-Sale package, the enterprise option, isn’t available yet, but it will be later this year. It will feature four registers and up to 20 users. It includes everything the other two packages have, but it adds GunBroker Integration, Range Manager, GunSmith Tracking and Consignment Tracking. GunBroker will allow dealers who have a GB account to sync up with the Point-Of-Sale System. Doing this, they can manage that account from inside FFL Design’s point of sale.

The opportunistic approach of having any and every distributor and manufacturers selling through FFL Design’s vArmory application is one that has about 150,000 products already on the application.

Turlington described vArmory as “an Amazon platform.” It allows dealers to search and purchase from distributors through a single platform. There are currently around 150,000 products available for purchase.

“You’re able to go in and search the products to see who has what and the prices. It’s all based off UBC code,” said Turlington. “Inside our Point-of-Sale System you have the ability to do the same thing. I can go in — it’s all integrated — and if I need to buy something or look for something I can not only search it but I can buy it. So if it’s a serialized number and I buy it through my point of sale and through vArmory it automatically goes into my bound.”

To buy from FFL Design, a Federal Firearms License is required. For more information on FFL Design’s new POS System, call (888) 269-1885 or visit


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