Plinker Arms AR-15 .22LR

Plinker Arms AR-15 .22LR

The number of tactical rifles chambered for the relatively cheap and easy to shoot .22LR rimfire cartridge continues to grow, and many shooters, particularly those using the guns for training purposes, are looking for guns the operate and feel like the standard firearms.

Having made a name for themselves with .22LR magazines for ARs and other components and accessories, Plinker Arms has introduced a line of full rimfire rifles. The Plinker Arms AR-15 .22LR rifle comes in standard M4 carbine configuration, AR-15 rifle configuration, or with a bull barrel. Both the upper and lower receiver are designed to be interchangeable with standard 5.56/.223 AR uppers and lowers. Unlike many rimfire ARs, the Plinker Arms AR features a bolt hold open at the end of a magazine and much more closely mirrors the operation of a standard AR.

The Plinker Arms design includes the Quick Adjustment Latch Systesm. The QALS allows a Plinker upper receiver to be fine-tuned to the lower it’s mounted on to ensure that the bolt hold open. Even when billed as “mil spec,” lower receivers can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from gun to gun. QALS allows the shooter to quickly and easily tweak the upper with a supplied adjustment key. The QALS comes in the box adjusted to a standard setting which should work with the majority of AR lowers, but the gun owner can tweak the default if needed.

The Plinker Arms AR-15 .22LR lower is an alloy anodized 7075 T6 aluminum unit which is compatible with most standard AR uppers. The machined upper, fashioned from the same 7075 T6 aluminum, features a free floating barrel, the Plinker Arms bolt hold open system, an upper rail, and the QALS. All models come with the Plinker Arms Load Assist Tool and a 25-round magazine. (10-round mags are supplied instead for state compliance if needed.)

The AR-15 and M4 models have an MSRP of $699.99 and the bull barrel rifle has an MSRP of $719.00.


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