If You're Going to Rob a Gun Store, Being Obvious Doesn't Help

If you're going to rob a gun store, don't be so obvious by scoping out the place the day before. If you own a gun store, get a good video security system.
If You're Going to Rob a Gun Store, Being Obvious Doesn't Help

If you're going to rob a gun store, don't be so obvious by scoping out the place the day before.

If you own a gun store or shooting range, it also pays to have a great security system that can help law enforcement officers with investigations. We've touched on those security systems before, and this report is clear proof of how the investment can pay off.

That's what officials say happened after three men were arrested for allegedly robbing the Bullet & Barrel indoor shooting facility in Huntsville, Alabama. The three men are facing federal charges for taking firearms worth more than $90,000.

Tandy Nicholas Jr., Joshua Everson and Commarrius Cooper were arrested for burglary, buying/receiving stolen property and possession of stolen property.

It didn't take long for law enforcement officials to identify and find the alleged thieves, either. They had visited the shooting range the day before. The facility's extensive camera security system helped investigators identify them. The alleged perps were seen on video closely examining the building and firearms that were taken in the robbery.

 According to police, Bullet & Barrel was broken into about 2 a.m. on Oct. 3, setting off an alarm that officers answered. The front door glass was broken. After clearing the building and contacting the owner, he began figuring out which guns that were taken.
Video footage showed a small, black car parked near the facility and two people coming toward the front door before a rock was thrown through the glass. After taking several rifles, one person returned with a backpack, withdrew a pistol and tried to shoot the glass cases with pistols. That didn't work so he took more rifles and returned to the car.
According to WAFF-48, investigators began reviewing video from the store before the burglary happened and noticed that the day before, the three suspects came to the shooting range and gave the staff all of their information. Two of the men looked like the burglars who had been caught on camera.

They told the staff that they decided not to shoot at the range after all, but they looked around the store before leaving, paying extra attention to items later taken in the burglary, revealed Lt. Michael Johnson, HPD’s spokesman. All three had traveled to the store in a small black car.

Detectives researched the three suspects and along with members of the ATF, went to Nicholas’ home. Nicholas and Cooper were there.

In a closet, one of the rifles taken in the burglary was spotted during a safety sweep, Lt. Johnson said.

Nicholas said he wasn't involved and allowed police to search his home and vehicle. When a couch was turned over, five weapons were found. Another also was located, along with a white backpack in his vehicle.

The report said Nicholas and Cooper accused Everson, who was not at the home but was picked up elsewhere. Everson reportedly confessed to knowing about burglary but blamed Nicholas and Cooper.


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