See the Top Reloading Products Customers Want

Take a look at the best reloading products your customers will want to see this season.

See the Top Reloading Products Customers Want

The Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher from MTM Case-Gard keeps the mess of gun cleaning to a minimum by trapping solvent splatter and dirty patches from the end of the gun barrel. (Photo: MTM Case-Gard)

Whether your customers are heavily into reloading or are seasonal hobbyists, stocking the best accessories helps keep their interest high.

Here are some of the hottest products for reloading that you should consider ordering. Hunting season is arriving but reloaders will be looking ahead to the off-season to whet their appetite and restock supplies. Be ready for them with these products.

Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press

The Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press from Lyman Products is an extra-large 8-station turret machined out of heavy-duty cast iron. It will hold two complete four-die sets or up to four two-die sets. The large press opening accommodates even the largest cases. For added safety, the primer feed comes with a heavy steel shield that surrounds the primer tubes.

The turret press is equipped with a ball handle that can be positioned for either right- or left-handed use. It is designed for use with any standard 7/8x14 thread dies and accepts standard shell holders. The Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press has a durable powder coat finish and weighs 23 pounds.

Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullets

The Tipped Triple-Shock X bullets from Barnes feature the same 100 percent copper body as the original TSX bullets, but with an added polymer tip that boosts ballistic coefficient and improves long-range ballistics. The tip and a re-engineered nose cavity provide even faster expansion. The Tipped TSX bullets feature virtually 100 percent weight retention and four sharp cutting petals that double bullet diameter for more internal damage. 

Alliant Powder Reloder 16

Reloder 16 rifle powder from Alliant Powder boasts world-class stability across temperature extremes with TZ technology that resists the natural tendency to generate more pressure at higher temperatures and less pressure at lower temperatures. It contains a proprietary de-coppering additive and no DNT or DBP. Reloder 16 is made in Sweden for Alliant Powder and is available in 1- and 8-pound canisters. 

RCBS VLD 3-Way Cutter

The unique three-blade head of the VLD 3-Way Cutter from RCBS trims cases like a standard cutting tool while also chamfering the case with inside blades and deburring with an outside blade. The 3-Way Cutter easily attaches to both Case Trimmers and Trim Pros. The 3-Way Cutter features carbide cutting surfaces with multi-caliber adjustability to fit cases from .22 up to .50 caliber.

Dillon Precision Products Electric Variable Speed Casefeeder

Dillon Precision Products developed the Electric Variable Speed Casefeeder for their XL650 that automatically orients brass mouth-side up, fills the case feed tube, shuts off when the tube is full and automatically starts as the tube gets low. The casefeeder can be infinitely regulated to spin from 0 to 8 RPM. The bowl has an adjustable window cuff and case deflector for a large range of cartridge capability. The unit features a universal power supply for both domestic and foreign voltages and is sold with or without a feed plate.

Redding Reloading Equipment Premium Die Sets

With the addition of .224 Valkyrie, 6mm Creedmoor and .22 Nosler, Redding Reloading Equipment has expanded their offering of Premium Die Sets. These die sets include a carbide expander button and a micrometer-adjusting seat stem. The carbide expander button reduces stress on the case neck and is also free floating. The micrometer-adjusting seat stem allows for precise bullet seating depth to 1/0.001-inch. 

Hodgdon Powder Company CFE 223

CFE 223 from Hodgdon Powder Company is a spherical propellant designed to provide top velocities in fast cartridges. CFE 223 contains Copper Fouling Eraser, which deters copper fouling and contributes to longer periods of peak accuracy with less barrel cleaning time. The spherical powder lends itself to consistently accurate metering. CFE 223 is available in 1- and 8-pound containers. 

Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial Reloading Press

The Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial Reloading press features an easily adjustable universal shell holder system, spent primer tray that’s easy to empty and the ability for the press to cam over or not. The shell holder system allows the user to switch from small to magnum pistol or rifle-size cases with the turn of a dial. The floating die system allows for optimal bullet to case alignment, helping to minimize runout for the most accurate ammunition possible. The M-Press also features two parallel guide rods for stability and an integrated LED work light.

Cutting Edge Bullets .308 Subsonic Raptor

The .308 Subsonic Raptor bullet from Cutting Edge Bullets has been redesigned to perform better and fit a wider variety of firearms. The new .308 Subsonic Raptor sheds much larger petals than its original counterpart. The new design also withstands the force of seating the bullet better than the original. In addition to 190-grain, Cutting Edge Bullets now offers 215- and 230-grain options as well. The heavier bullets won’t expand before hitting the target when fired from faster twist-rate barrels.

Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady 4DOF

Kestrel Ballistics has partnered with Hornady to launch the Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady 4DOF, a reliable onsite environmental measurement tool with precise Hornady 4DOF trajectory solutions. The Hornady 4DOF ballistic engine provides trajectory solutions based on projectile drag coefficient along with the exact physical modeling of the projectile and its mass and aerodynamic properties.

This unit can run for hundreds of hours on a single AA lithium battery and features large buttons and a bright, clear backlit display for easy operation in the field. The Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady 4DOF is IP-67 waterproof rated and MIL-STD-810 drop-tested.

Shooting Chrony M-1 Master Chrony

The M-1 Master Chrony from Shooting Chrony provides numbered shot velocities that remain on display until the next shot. The M-1 Master Chrony is available with readouts in meters/second or feet/second and includes a remote control with close-up readout and 18-foot cord. The unit is powered by a single 9-volt battery that lasts for up to 48 hours of continuous use. The M-1 Master Chrony can also be upgraded to any higher tier Shooting Chrony chronograph with additional accessories. 

Starline 5.56x45mm Rifle Brass

Starline Brass has added the 5.56x45mm cases to their growing lineup of quality rifle brass. The 5.556x45mm brass is identical to Starline’s .223 Remington brass, except for a slight change in the metallurgy making it harder at the base of the case. Starline Brass utilizes multiple hand and machine inspections to ensure cosmetic and dimensional characteristics meet their high standards. Starline cases are contained between each step of the manufacturing process to maintain consistency and quality. 

BarrelBuddy Gun Cleaning System

BarrelBuddy is a multi-stage polymer that scrubs, collects particulate, absorbs residue and buffs bores clean in a single step. True 360-degree compression provides 100 percent contact with the barrel, pushing into and cleaning rifling. It can be used dry or with a solvent to clean barrels as small as .22 and as big as 10-guage shotguns. The BarrelBuddy can also be used to oil the barrel after cleaning is complete.

Huntego CleanShot

CleanShot is a shoot-through cleaner from Huntego that scrubs the bore, traps particles and wipes the bore clean with the pull of the trigger. Developed for both smooth and rifled bores, CleanShot features a payload to create resistance needed to activate the patented wad column to provide 360-degree radial outward pressure that forces the high-density composite cleaning pads into action. The highly oxidized propellant allows for the cleanest burn and minimal deposits after shooting. Available in 12- and 20-gauge, CleanShot allows shooters to field-clean their shotgun bores with minimal effort and mess.

MTM Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher

The Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher from MTM Case-Gard keeps the mess of gun cleaning to a minimum by trapping solvent splatter and dirty patches from the end of the gun barrel. The Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher fits firearms from small rimfires up to most double-barrel shotguns. It slides over the muzzle and is kept in place with a strap and opens wide with smooth, rounded edges for quick cleanout. The Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher is molded in the USA from chemical resistant, see-through polypropylene and is available in clear green.


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