All the Airguns You Need to Stock

Modern airguns have evolved into much more efficient target shooting, varmint killing and small-game hunting machines.

All the Airguns You Need to Stock

In the 1983 American film classic, “A Christmas Story,” 9-year-old Ralphie Parker has his chops set on one thing, and one thing only, for Christmas — a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Long story short, Ralphie’s wish comes true and the story ends with the youngster lying in bed on Christmas night with the gun by his side (after a very eventful day, mind you). Generations of young gunslingers such as Ralphie have shared the obsession of owning their first rifle, typically one powered by air pressure. But while traditional models are still available — even the famed Red Ryder — modern airguns have evolved into much more efficient target shooting, varmint killing, small-game hunting machines, from new and improved pre-charged pneumatic air rifles that utilize a built-in reservoir to store compressed air to nitrogen-filled gas piston and other innovative models that generate considerable velocity and kinetic energy. Whether your store patron is in the market for a Christmas stocking stuffer or a full-blown air-powered hunting rifle, be sure you have an assortment on hand and are well versed in their operation. Here is an assortment of makes and models that should help scratch that nostalgic itch.


AirForce Airguns Texan SS

The 5.10-caliber Texan SS from AirForce Airguns is the sound-suppressed version of the company’s Texan Carbine. Its most popular suppressed big-bore air rifle, the Texan SS has specifically found a home among whitetail hunters who hunt from treestands or tree saddles. Its compact and quiet nature also makes it a great option for hunting near urban centers and for animal population control by state wildlife and law enforcement agencies. It features a 24.75-inch Lothar Walther barrel, two-stage trigger, low-effort side lever cocking, Sound-Loc technology and adjustable power setting. It comes in a black finish with a maximum fill pressure of 3,000 psi and weighs 8.45 pounds. MSRP: $1,379.95.


Air Venturi Seneca Dragonfly MK2

The bolt-action Seneca Dragonfly MK2 by Air Venturi is a versatile, 6.5-pound, multi-pump pneumatic air rifle with groundbreaking technology that results in a 50% reduction in pumping effort compared to the original. The butterfly high-efficiency pump system not only provides this massive reduction in effort, but also ensures consistent pumping effort regardless of the number of pumps. The Dragonfly features a 22.75-inch barrel, hardwood stock with checkered grip, nine-round magazine capacity and a textured rubber butt pad. It has an 11mm dovetail optics rail and fixed fiber-optic front sight and elevation and windage adjustable rear sight and comes with one magazine and single-shot tray. MSRP: $229.99.


Benjamin Marauder

Benjamin has introduced a semi-automatic version of its iconic Marauder air rifle with fast, accurate and reliable pellet delivery — a great choice for target shooting and small-game hunting. This PCP-powered .22-caliber rifle is packed full of advanced features that build on the classic Marauder, including an ambidextrous charging handle and forward assist, all air blowback semi-auto system and 10-shot auto-indexing magazine. The Marauder weighs 8.2 pounds and can launch projectiles at up to 950 fps. It sports a 20-inch shrouded rifled barrel with integrated resonance dampener and comes equipped with a balanced Turkish walnut stock with adjustable cheek piece. It can be regulated for up to 60 shots per fill. MSRP: $729.99.


Brocock Ranger XR

The Brocock Ranger XR carbine is an excellent air rifle for urban pest control, medium-range hunting and backyard Safaris — adjustable power and pinpoint accuracy from its match-grade barrel mated to a Huma regulated floating hammer system providing accuracy at surprising ranges. Multiple power and tuning adjusters are included to provide options for setting the rifle up for the shooter’s individual needs. The Ranger XR has a Picatinny scope rail as well as two side and standard bottom rails for mounting a bipod and other accessories. It has an adjustable trigger for a clean shot release and is available in .177-, .22- and .25-caliber versions (18 to 20 ft./lbs. of energy). MSRP: $1,795.


Crosman Icon

An affordable, entry-level hunting rifle, the Icon is the latest pre-charged pneumatic air rifle from Crosman. It comes in .177- and .22-caliber models, delivering velocities of up to 1,000 fps (18 fpe) and 900 fps (26 fpe) respectively. That makes this air rifle a great choice for small-game and varmint hunting and pest control, as well as a great starter gun for target shooters. The Icon features an auto-indexing magazine — 12 shots in .177-caliber and 10 shots in .22-caliber — and is equipped with a threaded steel barrel to accommodate aftermarket sound suppression. It has an all-weather, tactical stock and adjustable rear sight plus an 11mm dovetail rail for mounting scopes. MSRP: $299.99/.177- and .22-caliber versions.


Daisy Adult Red Ryder

An American classic for nearly 80 years, the Daisy Red Ryder is the little BB gun youngsters grew up with — and couldn’t put down. To this day, it remains the quintessential way to introduce youth to the fun and excitement of the shooting sports. Now available in a full-size version, the Adult Red Ryder let’s airgun enthusiasts relive the joys of childhood right alongside their own sons, daughters or grandchildren. This .177-caliber lever-action air rifle will send BBs downrange at up to 350 fps with a maximum shooting distance of 195 yards. It features a stained hardwood stock, spring powerplant, smooth bore steel barrel and crossbolt trigger block safety. It weighs just 2.95 pounds. MSRP: $54.90.


Daystate Electronic Red Wolf Digitally regulated for a consistent high shot count and sporting a trigger that incorporates adjustability of both release and finger placement, the Daystate Red Wolf delivers match-like accuracy at the very extremes of airgun ranges. Its sculpted stock comes in a variety of colors and materials that include walnut, red or blue laminate and a “Safari” finish. An ambidextrous design provides a custom fit courtesy of a butt pad and adjustable raised cheekpiece. The Red Wolf’s lightweight carbon-fiber bottle is positioned below a fully shrouded carbon barrel that helps mute the muzzle report in the field. Its sidelever design combines effortless cocking with speedy loading via Daystate’s latest generation of higher-capacity self-indexing magazines. Retail: $2,799/Walnut stock.


Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i

The arrival of Gamo Swarm multi-shot technology and its 10-shot magazine meant never fumbling for another pellet between shots — the shooter loads 10 pellets in the magazine, snaps it into place and breaks the barrel to auto-load the next shot. For 2022, Swarm technology takes another giant step forward with GEN3i technology, which further improves this automation with smoother and more precise breech loading, resulting in tack-driving accuracy. The new inertia-driven magazine also eliminates any possibility of double loading the rifle. It indexes using the inertia force from the recoil of the air rifle, creating a smooth loading process. One of three new models, the Swarm Magnum 10X is available in .22- (1,300 fps) and .177-caliber (1,650 fps). MSRP: $319.90.


Hatsan Factor RC

The Factor RC from HatsanUSA is an all-new platform designed with competition and customization in mind. Available in .177-, .22- and .25-calibers, among its many features is the ability to accept commercially available pistol grips and buttstocks made for modern sporting rifles and a reversible cocking lever for ambidextrous operation. The Factor RC’s power output is highly adjustable, featuring an externally variable pressure regulator with its own output pressure gauge. A power level knob controls the amount of air transferred into the barrel. On the opposite side, a hammer preload adjuster helps fine-tune power output and cocking effort and features a removable 580cc carbon-fiber air tank. The Factor RC is also equipped with a Foster-style quick-disconnect fill inlet. MSRP: $1,049.99.


Jefferson State Air Rifles Rogue Raptor

The New Rogue Raptor from Jefferson State Air Rifles features a solid yet lightweight aluminum build with a new and externally adjustable pressure regulator — capable of breaking into unregulated air territory — rigid tank mount, a revised valve design with tighter tolerances for stability and repeatability and refined magazines, along with a new barrel design, tensioning components, manufacturing methods and a fine finish. Made in America, the Rogue Raptor is available with interchangeable .177-, .22-, .25-, .257-, .30- and .357-caliber barrels. MSRP: As low as $1,600.


Stoeger XM1 Bullshark

Stoeger Industries has expanded its PCP airgun line with the XM1 Bullshark— a bullpup configuration combined with an integrated suppressor with minimal recoil and Olympic-grade accuracy. Adjustment features include recoil pad spacers, cheek pieces and grips to ensure a custom fit. A two-stage, adjustable trigger enhances accuracy. Picatinny rails are located on the top and side for optics and lights. Powered by an integrated, rechargeable 2,900 psi tank (200 BAR), the XM1 Bullshark can shoot approximately 50 shots per charge and comes with two rotary magazines available in .177- and .22-caliber. The removable rotary magazine for the .22-caliber holds seven pellets while the .177-caliber version holds up to nine pellets for quick follow-up shots on targets or small game. MSRP: $479.


Umarex Hammer .50-Caliber

The Umarex Hammer is an American-built .50-caliber air rifle, with innovative engineering and advanced technology that make it a great fit for big-game hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike. It pushes a 550-grain slug to 760 fps and produces 705 ft./lbs. of energy at the muzzle. But unlike traditional firearms, the Hammer doesn’t generate comparable report or recoil. The recoil of this big-bore air rifle can best be described as a firm push, not a sharp kick. Its dual-chamber precision magazine means an immediate follow-up shot is available if needed, and each Umarex Hammer comes with two magazines. It takes only 2 pounds of effort to operate its straight-pull bolt to cock the rifle and advance the two-shot magazine. MSRP: $899.99.


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