10 Killer Crossbow Broadheads

A carefully curated selection of broadheads will keep crossbow hunters happy.

10 Killer Crossbow Broadheads

For crossbow hunters, premium broadheads are an integral component of the game-anchoring equation. When it comes to broadhead selection, shooting sports retailers — and your crossbow-centric customers — have some tough choices to make regarding equipment. 

Fixed-blade and mechanical models both have their attributes … and their fans. Fixed broadheads, advocates say, are reliable, durable, extremely sharp, cut on contact and there is no fear of mechanical failure. Those who prefer mechanicals point to their larger cutting diameters and field-point accuracy. Fortunately, there’s a wide selection of crossbow-centric broadheads to choose from. Cash in with these 10 high-performance, game-busting broadheads.

CenterPoint DeadPoint

The DeadPoint from CenterPoint Archery is a classic 100-grain, two-blade mechanical crossbow broadhead that big-game hunters can rely on in the field. Designed to deploy for maximum lethal impact and terminal performance, the DeadPoint has a slim profile during flight, and its razor-sharp blades automatically deploy to a lethal 2-inch cutting diameter on impact. It features a 6061 T6 aluminum ferrule and 420 stainless-steel .035-inch-thick blades. 

MSRP: $29.99/Pack of three.


Dead Ringer Great White The Great White Two-Blade Mechanical Broadhead from Dead Ringer attacks its target just like its namesake, the great white shark, with devastating results. Its hybrid design cuts on contact for a 1-inch entrance wound and a massive 2.5-inch exit wound. The Great White delivers optimal performance with both vertical bows and crossbows with shooting velocities up to 600 fps. These 100-grain adjustable broadheads include .25-grain collars if a heavier weight is desired. Or, the collar can be removed for a 100-grain broadhead. Designed for field-tip accuracy, the Great White has a front-deploy design and razor sharp stainless steel blades. 

MSRP: $44.99/Pack of three. 


Killer Instinct Killertech

The 100-grain Killertech Broadhead from Killer Instinct delivers strength, accuracy and deadly performance for crossbow hunters. Forget O-rings, springs and clips, Killer Instinct’s Speed-Lok Blade Retention System works with crossbows reaching speeds of 500+ fps without concern of premature deployment. The heavy-duty 420 stainless steel blades are 50% thicker than those on average expandable broadheads and coupling them with an aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule with a stainless steel tip gives them fantastic durability and strength on all big-game animals. Each broadhead is perfectly balanced and spin-tested for field point accuracy. 

MSRP: $29.99/Pack of three.


QAD Exodus The Exodus Broadhead from Quality Archery Designs is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA — its revolutionary compact head providing the strength to bust through the toughest hide and bones. Utilizing Blade Over Shaft technology, the Exodus’ cut-on-impact blades sweep back over the arrow shaft, creating a super short, compact head, just like a field point — enhancing accuracy while producing extreme penetration and a large cutting diameter. Built tough, with heavy-duty SST material, this stout broadhead ensures that users never have to worry about the blades holding up to any big-game challenge. Exodus broadheads come in Standard, Crossbow and Deep Six versions — in 85-, 100- and 125-grain weights. They are available in two different blade styles — swept and full. 

MSRP: $42.99. 


Ramcat Hemoshock Ramcat Broadheads’ Hemoshock Mechanical Broadhead was designed to give archers more accuracy from draw to impact using the Air Foil technology found on other Ramcat broadheads. This concave scoop allows the Hemoshock, combined with Firenock Aero Concentric technology (F.A.C.T) to produce field point accuracy. The Hemoshock also benefits from the air mass created by the Ramcat broadhead, which, at the point of contact, creates a massive entry wound. With a 2.25-inch expandable cutting surface, this is the largest, most lethal Ramcat available. Finally, the innovative O-ring blade deployment design allows archers to adjust the broadhead based on bow type — compound or crossbow — and draw weight. 

Retail: $44.99/Three pack. 


Ravin Modern Engineered exclusively for its crossbows, Ravin’s 100-grain Modern Broadheads deliver lethal precision in a lineup optimized for accuracy. Three mechanical broadhead models are available at three price points. The Titanium Broadhead version offers a single ferrule and internal spring clip — no lock rings or O-rings needed. The 416 Steel Broadhead delivers extreme accuracy and confidence with a 2-inch cutting diameter for deadly performance, while the Aluminum Broadhead is an ideal choice for close-range surgical takedowns. Each model occupies a niche for serious crossbow hunters — broadheads perfectly engineered for anyone who wants to achieve apex accuracy with their Ravin crossbow. 

MSRP/Pack of three: $84.99/Titanium; $64.99/Steel; $54.99/Aluminum. 


REK FX4 The REK FX4 Fixed Blade Broadhead features a low-profile hardened stainless steel chisel tip with a swept-back blade angle for maximum penetration and unprecedented accuracy with compound bows and crossbows. At the core of this broadhead is a reinforced 7075 aluminum ferrule built to take on hard impacts while offering easily replaceable .039-inch thick stainless steel blades. The FX4 is built tough, yet maintains true field point accuracy downrange, not often seen within the fixed blade category. Made in the USA, it has a 1.125-inch main blade and .75-inch bleeder blade and comes in 100- and 125-grain versions. 

MSRP: $46.99/Pack of three.


Trifecta Broadheads Trifecta Broadheads, with universal ferrule technology, allow the archer to use two different styles of broadheads (fixed or mechanical) in three different weights — 100-, 125- and 150-grain — all with 420 stainless steel construction single-bevel blades (30-degree bevel on mechanicals and 40-degree bevel on fixed blades). One ferrule can make six different broadheads by just swapping blades. Mechanical blades are .032-inch thick and fixed blades are .078-inch thick — the thickest replaceable blade on the market — and are equipped with a cut-on-contact tip. Cutting diameters range from 2.1 to 1.25 inches, and all broadheads are packaged in a reusable plastic box. Pictured is the 125-grain fixed blade. 

MSRP: $49.95/Pack of three. 


Vantage Point Archery Omega The new Omega from Vantage Point Archery is a solid, one-piece, precision-machined 200-grain broadhead that combines all the desirable features of a single bevel head with the strength of a double bevel head — with Layflat Sharpening technology that makes it extremely easy to sharpen. Its smoothly integrated ferrule forms a wedge from tip to tail, designed to hold the wound channel open, allowing the arrow shaft to pass through without interference, and its sharp Tanto tip cuts on contact. The VPA Omega features a 1.0625-inch cutting diameter — designed purposefully for excellent flight characteristics while also aiding in deep penetration and minimizing deflection from bone impact. It is machined from S7 tool steel for durability, dependability and edge retention. 

MSRP: $113/Three-pack.


Vapor Trails Outdoors Aftermath The Aftermath from Vapor Trails Outdoors is a unique 100-grain mechanical broadhead. It has no O-rings and flies like a field point — its .035-inch stainless steel blades delivering a 2.125-inch-diameter cut. It features a plastic cup that holds the blades closed in flight regardless of arrow velocity and a ball joint locking mechanism. The Aftermath has forward-angled blades that are sharpened front and back and support arms that move with the blades to add 5X strength. The blades lock open upon impact to rip and cut with forward or reverse movement, designed to deliver maximum terminal damage. 

MSRP: $39.99/Pack of three. 



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