Predator Calls Lure in Customers

As a leader in the predator-hunting space, FOXPRO presents year-round opportunity for retailers.

Predator Calls Lure in Customers

Every coyote hunter worth his or her salt is familiar with FOXPRO and the company’s electronic calls. Shooting Sports Retailer spoke to Mike Dillon, general manager of FOXPRO, to get his take on the state of the hunting industry, the history of the FOXPro brand, and more.

SSR: Can you talk about the company’s history and its place in the industry today? 

Dillon: FOXPRO is the epitome of the American Dream come true. What started out as a father’s vision to develop an easier, more portable way for his sons to take sound equipment out fox hunting has turned into the largest predator-hunting company in the world and the No. 1 choice for predator hunters. It was a perfect storm, as at the same time, the coyote’s population began to soar in many states that have never had coyotes before. 

SSR: What do you think FOXPRO does better than anyone else in your category, and why are so many hunters are devoted to your products?

Dillon: Hunters in general are very conservative, with a high sense of patriotism. FOXPRO takes great pride in manufacturing our products right here in the United States. Not assembled, but everything from hardware and software engineering, surface mount placement, assembly, packing, and shipping are all done right here in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. We are the only ones in the industry that can make that claim. 

FOXPRO truly revolutionized the predator market by offering the features that predator hunters were really looking for. We created a portable call with great volume capabilities to replace the outdated cassette and record players of the past — a truly digital caller with no moving parts. They were originally housed in a Rayovac flashlight housing, until we were able to offer a new molded design. Ever notice how most of the callers of today look like this? Our designs have been copied, our decoys have been copied, but our innovation simply cannot be matched. 

As the predator market evolved, so has FOXPRO. We are proud to offer a caller for every predator hunter — whether they are looking for an affordable caller with basic features, or the most advanced predator-calling unit in the market today, we have a call for everyone. Our features are also truly second to none, and our sound library offers more than 500 of the highest quality sounds. Last, but not least, our customer service is simply unmatched. We can repair units well after the warranty has expired, and we stand behind our units, as we have for more than 20 years. 

So, it’s pretty simple. Made in the USA. Best products. Best features. Best customer service. That has been our key to success and will continue to be our recipe for many years to come.


SSR: What specific product or model have you seen the most growth in recently? 

Dillon: With the evolution of predator hunting, it has created a more advanced predator hunter, one who wants to simply arm themselves with more advanced units to give them the edge they need to be more successful in the field. Sometimes the edge is in higher volume capabilities, with clear, non-distorted sound. And sometimes the edge is with more advanced features to change the way they call while on stand, or to assist them in helping to choose the best environmental conditions to hunt it (barometric pressure, moon phase, etc.).  

FOXPRO has you covered with all of these. We offer the loudest, clearest units in the market, as well as those with the most advanced features. If I had to pick just one of our products that has seen the highest growth lately, it would be the X24. But we will soon be releasing some new units that I think will trump this growth.

SSR: Is there developing technology that might change the way shooters buy or use electronic calls in the future? 

Dillon: In the electronics world, there is always new technology coming out that can offer the consumer a better product. This is where FOXPRO shines. We are constantly releasing new products to keep up with this ever-changing offering of new technology. If you go back 20 years to the callers we offered then, you will easily see a huge improvement in technology. What was considered a high-end call back then is an entry-level call in today’s market. And this new technology allows us to engineer the more advanced features that FOXPRO is known for.


SSR: Do you have any predictions on what we can expect out of the hunting industry in general in the next year? The next five years? 

Dillon: Hunters will continue to evolve and demand more advanced products and features. And predator hunting will continue to be the one segment that every hunter out there should take a vested interest in. Whether they hunt deer, turkey, elk, waterfowl, etc., predation will impact the population. Every hunter out there should do their part in conservation and reap the benefits of hunting predators. Plus, in many states, you can enjoy it year-round. If you are a retailer reading this, and you don’t offer predator-hunting products, you may want to think about adding some predator products in your store.

SSR: How does FOXPRO support its dealers? 

Dillon: FOXPRO has always stood behind our dealers. Almost all our digital game calls are protected by MRP (minimum retail pricing), which dealers truly enjoy, as it protects their margins on units. We have the largest network of dealers of predator-hunting products when compared to any competitor, and most will tell you the same thing: They don’t have a predator category without FOXPRO. FOXPRO is their predator category. 

If a dealer ever has any issues, they can reach out to us at any time, and we can assist them with whatever their needs may be. We have truly simplified the ordering process for our dealers, giving them an online portal tool to accomplish this if they so desire. And if they ever have outdated products, we work with them to make sure they have the newest products to offer their customers. In an environment where many competitors are shifting focus away from dealers and onto online sales such as Amazon, FOXPRO’s goal is to continue to grow our dealer base. Of course, we will sell online as well, but not at the expense of gouging profit margins to our dealers. 


SSR: Do you have any advice for retailers about selling electronic calls and FOXPRO calls specifically? 

Dillon: My advice to any dealer looking to sell electronic calls is to first realize what brand is the leading brand in the category and why. Be proud to tell your customers that, especially in today’s environment, you are proud to offer an American-made product that has been the clear No. 1 choice of consumers for over 20 years. 

When looking at the different products to bring in, many first-time dealers make the mistake of looking at the lowest-priced units. I can’t tell you how many dealers have made this mistake, not truly understanding the strength of the FOXPRO brand at the higher price points. When they finally bring the higher-priced units in, they quickly realize the mistake they made. I would still carry some of the entry-level units, but make sure you also bring in the higher-priced units. If they don’t buy them from you, they’ll purchase them elsewhere. 

And lastly, the FOXPRO customers are some of the most loyal customers you could ask for, with a high majority of our customers purchasing upgraded units as we release new products. 


SSR: Is there anything else you’d like retailers to know about FOXPRO and its products? 

Dillon: There is no better time than this year to bring predator products into your store, if you haven’t yet. Unlike many of the other hunting categories, you can enjoy year-round sales with the FOXPRO brand. And you will have the confidence of knowing that you are offering your customers the worldwide leader in digital game calls. We’re an email or phone call away, and you will have peace in mind in knowing that our American-made products are simply the most sought-after products in the industry. 

Whether your customer is looking for an affordable, entry level caller, or the most advanced feature rich caller available today, FOXPRO has them covered. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, email us at or simply call us at 866-GOFOXPRO (463-6977). Check us out at


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