Editors' Picks: Top 10 Shooting Sports Retailer Stories of 2019

Do you have a favorite Shooting Sports Retailer article from the past year? Here is our list of editors’ picks for the top 10 Shooting Sports Retailer stories of 2019.

Editors' Picks: Top 10 Shooting Sports Retailer Stories of 2019

The Mossberg MC1sc — Mossberg Carry 1, subcompact — debuted at SHOT Show 2019 and is the company’s first new handgun in 100 years. Mossberg’s built a reputation for making quality, no-nonsense, workhorse guns at reasonable prices, and the MC1sc is no exception. (Photo: Hilary Dyer)

Do you have a favorite Shooting Sports Retailer article from the past year?

We have published a great variety of stories this year, from how-to pieces for installing or upgrading parts to reviews on rifles, pistols and gear. Our contributors have decades of accumulated knowledge in the field, at the shooting bench and behind the keyboard, where they deliver it to you to consider, parse and put to use.

Here is our list of editors’ picks for the top 10 Shooting Sports Retailer stories of 2019.

1. Sig Sauer's Big Bet on the BDX Optic System

Sig Sauer Electro-Optics is banking on its BDX System along with other initiatives. Learn more about Sig's big bet in this Q&A with division president Andy York.

2. Mossberg MC1sc: Plenty for the Money

Mossberg makes a splash with the MC1sc, the company's first handgun in 100 years. After putting it through its paces at Gunsite, our editor gives her review.

3. Q&A With ATN's Steve Lemenov: More to the Shot Than Technology

Electro-optics have changed the way we shoot, hunt and compete. From inexpensive red dots to the highest tier of thermal optics, we're seeing innovations and features we never thought possible.

4. Launching New Rounds: Know the Ammo Your Customers Will Ask About

When it comes to the latest ammunition for competition, self-defense, hunting and range work, do you know what your customers will be asking about? If not, find out what you should be talking about.

5. Getting Into the Reloading Business: Smart Move?

Stocking a supply of versatile, quality tools and supplies will help you meet a majority of your market's needs.

6. How to Sell Your Customers the Right Knife

You might be surprised at how much your customers don't know when they're shopping for a quality hunting knife.

7. Bolt-Action Hunting Rifles for 2019

Take a look at some of the bolt-action rifles manufacturers are offering hunters this year.

8. Becoming a Retailer Women Can Trust

The smart retailer won't miss the opportunity to make women customers for life.

9. Is Your Shop Taking Advantage of Waterfowl Revenue?

Waterfowl hunting is big business, with new and young hunters coming in every year. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

10. Tips for Upselling Premium Optics

When it comes to riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders, your customers may be spending their money on the wrong equipment for optimum accuracy.


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