Shooting Sports Industry News: Hornady Shines at Buckeye; Burris Taps New Sales Manager

In the latest shooting sports industry news, Hornady's A-Tip Match shines at the Buckeye Classic and Burris announces a new sales manager.

Shooting Sports Industry News: Hornady Shines at Buckeye; Burris Taps New Sales Manager

Team Sig professional shooter Daniel Horner won the All Army Championship with the Sig Sauer M17 pistol. (Photo provided by Sig Sauer)

In the latest shooting sports news from around the industry:

David Preston used Hornady A-Tip Match bullets to win the Precision Rifle Series Big Dog Steel Buckeye Classic in Kimbolton, Ohio.

Preston was using the new Hornady 6mm 110 gr. A-Tip Match bullets. The event was held May 4-5.

“The new A-Tip™ bullets were very easy to load,” he said. “They were consistent through the entire course of fire and helped me make four out of five hits at one mile."

Years of research and testing by the Hornady Ballistic Development Group, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and quality control measures, have led to the creation of the ultimate low drag, high performance match bullet. Hornady plans to begin shipment of the new A-Tip bullets to the general consumer market in June of this year. 

The A-Tip Match bullet has a long, uniform, precision-machined aluminum tip. The longer aluminum tips are machined to be caliber specific. When coupled with highly refined AMP bullet jackets, aggressive profiles and optimized boattails, the result is enhanced drag efficiency across the board.

Fulton New Burris Sales Manager

Burris Company, Inc. has named Todd Fulton as its new sales manager, with responsibility for executing long-term sales and channel initiatives in the U.S.

“Our sales team is a driving force,” said Paul Carey, Burris Company Senior VP of Sales. “Fulton’s familiarity with the Burris and Steiner brands, lifetime of sales experience in our industry and passion for the outdoors are exactly what we were looking for in a new sales manager. We are a company with big goals and we welcome Fulton’s shared ambition.”

Fulton, a Colorado native, was raised in a family who owned a sporting goods store and joins Burris with more than 25 years of combined sales and retail experience. Additional past experience at Jim Ferry and Associates included managing law enforcement agency and distributors, independent retailers, buy groups and chain and box and distribution channels of business.

“It is a privilege to join the Burris and Steiner team,” Fulton said. “Working at a company that shares my passion for shooting and the outdoors while also living in my home state is a perfect scenario. Nothing drives me to succeed more than watching my kids enjoy the outdoors and I look forward to bringing that drive with me to work everyday.”

Horner Wins All Army Championship Using M17

Team Sig professional shooter and U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Daniel Horner won multiple first place finishes at the 2019 U.S. Army Small Arms Championship, known as the All Army Championship, while using the Sig Sauer M17 pistol.

The event was hosted by the Army Marksmanship Unit and held March 10-16 at Fort Benning, Georgia. SFC Horner placed first in the Multi-Gun Competition, National Match Rifle Course of Fire, and was the Overall Individual Match Champion. Horner also competed as a member of the Army Reserves Career Division Team that won the Overall Team Championship.

The All Army Championship is week of non-stop, sun-up to sun-down competition of 400 scored rounds using U.S. Army issued equipment, including the U.S. Army’s M17 pistol. The competition is open only to active Army, Army Reserves, U.S. Army National Guard, Military Academy, College ROTC Cadets, and OCS candidates. Horner is currently in the U.S. Army Reserves.

“Daniel’s win at the 2019 All Army Championship is a very meaningful win on many fronts,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales. “This was Daniel’s first win to kick off his 2019 competitive shooting season for Team Sig, and we are very proud of his accomplishment. Second, this was the first issuing of the M17 pistol by the Army for competition, and to have Daniel, shooting on behalf of the US. Army Reserves, win using the issued M17 pistol, makes it a very memorable win that will certainly be marked in Sig’s history.”

To claim his multiple first places finishes Horner fired the National Match Course of Fire for both pistol and rifle competition, multiple team and individual matches, and the culminating event of multi-gun competition. The latter is  designed to simulate combat style shooting on a course of fire weighted for accuracy and speed. Pistol shots were fired at targets from 7-50 yards using the M17 pistol, and rifle shots were fired from 7-500 yards.

“The 2019 All Army Championship was an extremely challenging competition that tested both my shooting skills and my endurance," Horner said.  "It was an honor to be one of the first competitors to run the U.S. Army’s newly issued M17 pistol in competition, and it was very satisfying to use it to win the match.

“The pistol ran absolutely flawlessly and was extremely accurate. Everyone on my team commented that they shot better with the M17, and that the pistol's performance contributed to our victory. I also utilized the 21-round magazines to gain an advantage over the handful of competitors still using the M9 pistol, which definitely worked in my favor.”

GPO Expands Custom Turret Program

German Precision Optics USA has expanded its custom turret program to cover more of its riflescopes, with Kenton Industry Custom Turrets now available for six more scopes in the Passion line — the 3X 3-9x42, the 3X 4-12x42, the 3X 6-18x50, the 6X 1-6x24, the 6X 2.5-15x50i and the 6X 2.5-15x56i — to match the elevation turret to the ballistics of each customer’s favorite rifle and cartridge.

Custom engraved elevation turrets to match the bullet drop from a specific rifle and load allow the shooter to easily dial in the yardage for precision shooting at any distance. Once set up, shooters simply range the target and dial the turret to that distance. This eliminates hold-over for extremely accurate shots without all the ballistic calculations or guesswork.

Kenton Industries custom engraved turrets are available for $69.95 for the Passion 3X scopes and $99.95 for the Passion 6X scopes. Visit the Kenton GPO Page for more information. A certificate for a free custom turret from Kenton is included with the Passion 4X 6-24x50 scope.

Hydra-Shok Bullets Available as Components 

Federal Premium Hydra-Shok is now available as a component for handloaders, with shipments already delivered to dealers.

Introduced in 1989, Hydra-Shok remains one of the most popular choices for protecting home and family, thanks to a proven hollow point and iconic center post that provide extremely consistent and effective expansion. It is now available in a complete range of bullet weights and diameters.

For more information on Federal ammunition, visit

Choate Machine and Tool mag extension for Remington and Mossberg shotguns. (Photo: Choate)
Choate Machine and Tool mag extension for Remington and Mossberg shotguns. (Photo: Choate)

Choate Remington/Mossberg Mag Tube Extension

Choate Machine and Tool, a designer, manufacturer and OEM supplier of rifle stocks, shotgun magazine extensions and firearms accessories, has introduced the Night Manager, a shotgun magazine tube extension with an integral light and accessory mounting system.

Night Manager boosts capacity by two extra shotshells and has an indexable Picatinny rail section to add a light or laser, as needed. 

The Night Manager is an all steel construction magazine tube extension with an aluminum shroud drilled and tapped along the bottom and sides for mounting Picatinny rail sections. Its unique design allows the shroud to rotate to orient the attached Picatinny rails where needed and then uses an AR-15 castle nut to lock it down in the desired location. By mounting accessories on the magazine tube extension, it allows use of the full length of the shotgun’s forend, which often can be short on law enforcement models.

Currently the Night Manager is available for the Remington 870, 1100, 11-87, H&R Pardner pumps and Hawk 982. For Mossberg shotguns it is available for the 590, 835, 930 5500 and 9200 models.

Now available with an MSRP of $92.77, the Night Manager comes complete with everything needed to mount the extension and includes a 3-slot section of compatible Picatinny rail, fasteners, magazine tube follower and spring.

Hidalgo New VP-GM With L3 Technologies 

Francisco Hidalgo has been named Vice President and General Manager of the L3 Technologies Field Vision Systems group, which includes the portfolio of EoTech, Vudu and L3 Field Vision.

Hidalgo most recently served as Chief Executive Officer for Heckler & Koch USA. He brings more than two decades of international manufacturing leadership to Field Vision Systems, with extensive experience in consumer and defense markets.

“I am thrilled to be joining Field Vision Systems during such a dynamic period in the company’s history,” he said. “With EoTech’s recent award from the United States Special Operations Command, the relaunch of Vudu precision optics and the debut of the L3 Field Vision brand of premium sporting optics, the opportunity for success and growth at our division has never been greater.”

Prior to joining Heckler & Koch, Mr. Hidalgo spent nearly 20 years at Hanover, Germany-based automotive manufacturing company Continental, where he served as President of ContiTech North America for more than nine years. 


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