20 Tactical and Precision Rifles

Capitalize on demand for these highly customizable and accurate firearms.

20 Tactical and Precision Rifles

Tactical and precision rifles are designed to be mission specific, and that’s why they come in such a wide assortment of flavors — a battery of semi-auto ARs, precision-built bolt guns and, more recently, lever guns made specifically for personal defense and home security. Shooting sports retailers know there is no be-all firearm for all duty and home security wants and needs — that most professionals and civilian firearms enthusiasts own several makes and models to cover all the bases. And here’s the bonus. While most of these special-purpose rifles are designed to meet the needs of duty officers and military personnel, as well as responsible citizens who employ them for self-defense and home protection, some models — especially hybrid precision rifles and some AR-platform models — double as hunting rifles for those modern shooting sports enthusiasts looking for highly customizable and accurate firearms. Demand is strong and is expected to continue, so be sure you’re armed and ready to capitalize on this robust market by stocking the latest and greatest in tactical and precision firearms in a wide variety of configurations and MSRPs. Here are some makes and models the gun buying crowd will want to put their hands on when they stop in your store. 

51Fifty Evolve-15 AR-16 Apex

The Evolve-15 AR-15 Rifle from 51Fifty is a marriage of form, function and innovation, built with input from military and law enforcement personnel and competition shooters. The rifle’s Rapid Action Cam system locks the rifle together tightly and allows the user to quickly and safely change, clear and clean the weapon. The magwell has a deep chamfer and flare to aid in quick and easy magazine changes, and an enlarged trigger guard allows easy and safe access to the 2-pound trigger. Other features include an integrated full-length ARCA Swiss rail, QD cups and five rows of M-Lok rails. The upper receiver has a suppressor-optimized charging handle, full-auto-rated bolt carrier and Silent Captured Buffer System. MSRP: $2,370-$2,458.


American Tactical Black Creek MRX Bronco

American Tactical’s bolt-action rifle from Black Creek Labs — the MRX Bronco — is versatile and compact, ideal for range shooting and small-game, varmint and predator hunting. It features a 16.5-inch medium-weight barrel and an M-Lok compatible handguard, and feeds from AR-15/AR-10 compatible magazines chambered in .300 BLK, 7.62x39mm or 5.56mm. The MRX Bronco weighs in at 5.9 pounds, comes fitted with a TriggerTech Rem. 700 Field trigger and is guaranteed to shoot 1.2 MOA with suggested commercial ammunition. The rifle comes with a collapsible Personal Defense System stock for easy adjustment and Picatinny and M-Lok mounting systems. MSRP: $1,199.95.


Benelli Lupo HPR

The all-new Lupo HPR builds on the tack-driving tradition of Benelli’s Lupo series bolt-action rifles and takes precision long-range shooting to new heights — and accuracy guarantees — in a platform that is comfortably suited for the big-game hunting fields. How accurate? Benelli guarantees the Lupo HPR will deliver five-shot, .75 MOA point-of-aim/point-of-impact performance. Assisting the barrel’s accuracy enhancements is a robust receiver fitted with a stout, three-lug sculpted bolt featuring a quick 60-degree bolt throw for fast cycling of the action. Of course, a short and crisp trigger is an essential ingredient to minimize shot disturbance and that is exactly what the Lupo HPR delivers, with 2.2- to 4.4-pound pull adjustability to match the shooter’s pull weight preference. MSRP: $2,949.


Bergara MgMicro Lite

Light in weight but heavy on features and performance, the MgMicro Lite Rifle from Bergara weighs in at a mere 5.8 pounds and sports an 18-inch Cure carbon barrel — delivering the ultimate performance in the most demanding and weight-sensitive scenarios. The ultralight magnesium micro chassis provides a foundation for stability and accuracy, and every component has been carefully chosen to enhance the shooting experience without adding unnecessary weight. Features such as a Bergara Premier action, foldable XLR Atom magnesium chassis, carbon-fiber buttstock and grips and TriggerTech trigger make this gun a lightweight powerhouse. The MgMicro Lite is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win. and 6.5 PRC and comes with an AICS-style detachable magazine. MSRP is $3,099.


Big Horn Armory M89 White Lightning Lever Action

The Big Horn Armory Model 89 White Lightning Tactical Lever-Action Rifle, chambered in .500 S&W Magnum, is a quick-handling, rapid-shooting carbine for hunting, home defense or survival applications. The receiver and steel parts are manufactured using 17-4PH stainless steel, and barrels are made using 416 stainless steel. Its gray laminate stock and forend are fitted with integral front and stud rear sling swivel mounts and the buttstock utilizes a 1-inch Pachmayr Decelerator pad to tame recoil, along with the “tank” style brake at the muzzle. The standard Skinner ghost ring rear sight is mated with a green fiber optic front sight for quick target acquisition, and the large curved lever enables ease of operation, even with gloved hands. MSRP: $1,949.50.


CVA Cascade SR–80 Scout 

CVA’s Cascade SR-80 Scout Rifle is equipped with versatile sight options that assure adaptability to diverse shooting preferences — combining comfort and speed, whether at the range or in the field. Featuring a high-capacity magazine, radial muzzle brake and adjustable length of pull with a removable spacer, the SR-80 offers a tailored and affordable solution for those seeking a top-tier scout rifle experience. The SR-80 also features a 70-degree bolt throw, rear peep and front sight and a high-capacity magazine. It weighs 7.3 pounds, and with an 18-inch barrel provides the maneuverability shooters expect from a scout rifle. It comes chambered in .308 Win. and .350 Legend. MSRP: $925. 


Diamondback Firearms Obsidian DB15

The Obsidian Series from Diamondback Firearms, chambered in 5.56mm NATO, is an upgraded line of rifles packed full of features. From an enhanced bolt catch and ambi-safety selector and magazine release, to its free float anti-rotation M-Lok S-Rail with full Picatinny and integrated QD mounts, this series of rifles is ready for any situation. Key features include a 16-inch medium 4150 CrMov black nitride barrel, mid-length gas system, A3 flattop forged 7075 T-6 aluminum upper, forged 7075 T-6 aluminum (DB15 carbon) lower with MagPul enhanced trigger guard and MagPul stock and grip. It comes equipped with a Breek Arms Warhammer Mod2 ambidextrous charging handle, Battle Arms Development enhanced bolt catch and Battle Arms Development ambidextrous safety selector. MSRP: $1,162-$1,216.


Faxon Firearms FX7 Pershing Bolt Action

Meticulously designed and crafted, the FX7 Pershing Rifle from Faxon Firearms redefines the standards of accuracy and durability in the world of precision firearms. These rifles find their home in an MDT/Faxon Firearms co-branded rifle chassis, accompanied by an MDT Skeleton stock finished in a gray Cerakote. Equipped with a honed and lapped 416-R 5R button-rifled stainless steel barrel and chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, the FX7 features a 70-degree bolt lift, integrated recoil lug, 20 MOA Picatinny rail and six-lug configuration arranged in two rings of three. It is compatible with Remington 700 short-action stocks and chassis systems, is equipped with a Triggertech Rem. 700 primary trigger and accepts AICS and AW magazines. MSRP: $2,600.


Franklin Armory OPS-16R AR-15

The new OPS-16R AR-15 Rifle from Franklin Armory features the self-regulating Osprey Defense low-profile gas piston system that enables users to shoot suppressed and unsuppressed seamlessly without any need for adjustments to the gas block. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the OPS-16R also uniquely operates without any piston springs, reducing the number of moving parts for a cleaner and more reliable firing experience. Featuring the same slimline M-Lok handguard from Franklin Armory’s innovative F17 line of gas-piston-driven rimfire rifles, along with Franklin Armory’s proprietary Triumvir muzzle device, the OPS-16R is a sharp-looking rifle that shoots exceptionally smooth. Its impressive profile is further enhanced with a B5 grip and SOPMOD adjustable stock. MSRP: $1,349.99/Base price.


Hammerli Arms Force B1

The .22 LR Hammerli Arms Force B1 Rifle is a lethal combination of adaptability, precision and power. In the lineage of Hammerli’s competition history, its toggle-style straight-pull action represents a bold step forward, marrying tradition with innovation for an enhanced shooting experience. Key features include a quick-change barrel system for a tool-less and field-ready transition between barrel lengths and calibers — from .22 LR to .22 WMR — and an adaptable magwell that seamlessly coordinates caliber changes with the correct Ruger magazines to create a flawless fit. It is also equipped with an adjustable stock to customize length of pull and comb height for comfort and control and a threaded barrel to embrace a variety of muzzle devices and suppressors. MSRP: $649.


Heckler & Koch MR762A1 LRP III

Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and based on the famous HK417 rifle, the gas operated, piston-driven MR762A1 LRP III Long-Range Rifle from Heckler & Koch is a standard MR762A1 rifle with essential precision military marksman accessories that deliver superior accuracy. Enhanced versions of the MR762A1 have been adopted as the U.S. Army’s Compact Semi-automatic Sniper System and Squad Designated Marksman Rifle. The Long Rifle Package combines German and American quality manufacturing and comes ready to use in a Pelican Model 1720 case with critical accessories including Blue Force Gear sling, HK multi-tool, Vortex PST-II riflescope, HK G28 adjustable butt stock and one 20-round and one 10-round magazine. MSRP: $7,249.


Howa Hera H7 Bolt-Action

Shooting enthusiasts will not want to miss Legacy Sports International’s addition to its firearms lineup, the Howa Hera H7. This affordable bolt-action rifle comes chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win., sporting three different color options — Tan, OD Green and Black — and is equipped with a modern and easy-to-use Howa short-action chassis system. Made from fiberglass-reinforced polymer, with aluminum V-block bedding and an aluminum fore-stock, this stock system comes with two spacers, a polymer cheek piece support and two AICS-compatible five-round magazines. The H7 stock system also has M-Lok mount points for attaching accessories. The Hera H7 is available with three different barrel options: 24-inch heavy, 24-inch carbon-wrapped and 22-inch standard. MSRP: $749-$1,219


IWI US Carmel

Made from superior steel, aviation-grade aluminum and high-strength impact-modified polymer, the Carmel IWI US Semi-Auto Rifle from Israel Weapon Industries was designed to meet the needs of end users with outstanding performance in any kind of environmental conditions. With maximum safety for the user, this rifle features a rotating bolt system and is easy to customize with a fully ambidextrous platform. It is equipped with Mil-Standard 1913 Picatinny rails on all sides. The 100% interchangeability allows the Carmel to use any available sights, devices or accessories, which reduces the overall cost of the system. Designed with ergonomics in mind the Carmel is built to last a lifetime. MSRP: $1,799.


Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical

The Patriot LR Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle from Mossberg — housed in an adjustable, customizable chassis system and fed from AICS-style magazines — was designed to enhance long-range performance and accuracy. It is available in three flat-shooting chamberings: 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. with a 22-inch barrel and 6.5 PRC with a 24-inch barrel. The Patriot LR has the standard features found on all Patriot rifles, but what sets it apart is the MDT Field Stock Chassis System that features V-block aluminum bedding, a Magpul M-Lok-compatible forend and an adjustable buttstock. The trigger guard is oversized and equipped with an integrated magazine release lever. Completing the design is an ergonomic, straight-wrist grip with texturing and front and rear sling swivel studs. MSRP: $1,085.


Rock River Arms XM24 Tactical 

The Rock River Arms XM24 Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle — chambered in .308 Win. and .338 Lapua — was designed to satisfy the performance requirements of defense professionals. It is equipped with MDT’s ESS non-folding chassis to provide maximum rigidity and incorporates a 26-inch heavy-contour stainless steel barrel that has been air-gauged to guarantee maximum bore precision, cryo-treated for molecular stability and predictable harmonics, and treated with a matte black nitride finish. The barrel secures to the proprietary 700-style receiver via a barrel nut system that delivers solid and precise fitment and alignment, and an oversized bolt handle and precision single-stage TriggerTech Primary trigger system provide the control management. It also features a 20 MOA base scope rail and single-stack five-round detachable box magazine. MSRP: $5,265.


Savage Arms 110 Magpul Scout FDE

Experience versatility and accuracy with the Savage Arms 110 Magpul Scout — an excellent choice for hunting, target shooting and tactical applications. Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, it features a Flat Dark Earth synthetic Magpul Hunter stock and an AICS-style 10-round detachable box magazine. And with its updated iron sight system and full-length extended Picatinny rail, setting this rifle up for any application quick and simple. A great shooting solution for seasoned shooters or beginners, this rifle offers the precision, flexibility and durability needed to excel in any shooting scenario. It is equipped with a threaded 16.5-inch matte black carbon steel barrel, user-adjustable AccuTrigger and three-position tang safety. MSRP: $1,099.


Taurus Expedition

Chambered in .308 Win. and sporting an 18-inch threaded barrel, the Taurus Expedition is the first ever bolt-action rifle from Taurus USA —  built for hunters and ready for their biggest adventures. Based on the durable Remington 700 action, the Expedition feeds from commonly available AICS-pattern magazines and the stock features a scalloped cut, designed to make the gun rest perfectly in gun saddles. Users can utilize the M-Lok attachment point on the bottom of the stock or the integrated Spartan Precision attachment point. The Expedition has a five-round capacity and comes drilled and tapped for adding optics. It has a stainless steel frame and Black DLC finish. MSRP: $984.99.


Weatherby Model 307 Alpine MDT

The Weatherby Model 307 Alpine MDT sits on a lightweight HNT26 Chassis System, which is the company’s first purpose-built hunting rifle chassis. This stock provides benefits such as V-block bedding, adjustable length of pull, adjustable comb and AICS magazine compatibility. The chassis is constructed of a magnesium alloy, carbon fiber forend, carbon fiber pistol grip and carbon fiber buttstock. The forend has an integral ARCA rail for easy attachment to a tripod and a foldable buttstock for compact storage. The Alpine MDT comes standard with an externally adjustable TriggerTech Field trigger and Peak 44 Picatinny rail. The spiral fluted barrel is threaded and comes with a recoil reducing Accubrake. The Alpine MDT has a durable Graphite Black Cerakote finish. MSRP: Starting at $2,999.


Wilson Combat .300 HAM’R Recon Tactical

At the heart of every Recon Tactical Rifle is Wilson Combat’s match-grade, medium-weight stainless steel barrel designed for gilt-edge accuracy and sustained high rates of fire. Chambered in .300 HAM’R, the Recon Tactical is a practical, all-around AR for rigorous tactical training, hardcore hunting or all-purpose field applications — it can do it all. Weighing in at just under 7 pounds empty, it has a 16-inch match-grade barrel and overall length of 33.25 inches. The Recon Tactical has billet upper/lower receivers, a mid-length gas system with a low-profile gas block and a Wilson Combat M-Lok rail. Other features include a Wilson Combat/BCM Starburst Gunfighter grip, Rogers/Wilson Super-Stoc, TTU tactical trigger, premium bolt carrier assembly and much more. MSRP: $2,450.


Voodoo Gun Works Ravage Precision

The Ravage is defined by the stock around which it is built, and Voodoo Gun Works goes to great lengths to select those that meet its quality demands, with names such as McMillan, Foundation, Grayboe, Manners and others. The result is a purpose-built competition rifle with sub-MOA accuracy and an impressive list of standard options. The Ravage is available in four rimfire calibers — .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17 HMR and .17 HM2 — with stainless steel and carbon fiber barrels with lengths that range from 16.5 to 22 inches. Choice of actions include V22 two-lug bolt (right or left) and three 60 Bolt (right or left) versions. Barrel crown options include 12x28 threaded and 11-degree non-threaded target crown versions. MSRP: Starting at $2,905.



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