The Airgun Market is Evolving

From entry level to high end, these eight new airguns present serious sales potential.

The Airgun Market is Evolving

Modern airguns are truly manufacturing marvels. They are easy to use, shoot with unheard of velocities compared to models of yesteryear and are extremely accurate, which makes shooting them even more fun. For retailers, airguns can be a nice profit center. Best of all, you don’t even need a federal firearms license to sell them!

From only a few manufacturers just a decade ago, there are many companies making a plethora of quality airguns these days. And retailers can find an airgun that will fit the budget of just about any customer.

Let’s look at eight new airguns just announced in 2023. For organization’s sake, we’ll start with models having the lowest manufacturer’s suggested retail price and move up from there.

Hatsan Zada  

Hatsan’s new Zada break-barrel air rifle is the company’s latest addition to its entry-level line. The air gun utilizes a steel rifled barrel and a synthetic molded shroud to reduce overall weight. 

Hatsan focused on ease of use when equipping the Zada with an easy-cocking break barrel, purpose-built for the beginning shooter. According to the manufacturer, its large muzzle break, with Hatsan’s QE technology with an integrated sound moderator makes manipulating the single shot cocking action smooth and nearly effortless.

The Zada also sports a new tactical-style stock with a pistol grip, designed to be more ergonomic and attractive than its predecessor. Its ambidextrous synthetic stock is rock solid and lightweight. Designed with a Monte Carlo cheek piece and rubber recoil pad, the Zada features comfort similar to that found on the most advanced Hatsan air rifles.

The Zada is available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, and it comes with a 4x32mm Optima scope and mounts included in the package. MSRP for this entry-level air rifle is only $139, putting it well within the budget of most airgun shoppers.

Umarex Notos Carbine 

Umarex is one of the top companies in the air gun world, and this gun adds to that legacy. The new Notos is one of two new PCP carbines offered by Umarex this year, the other being the Hammer Carbine.

The Notos is a .22-caliber PCP airgun that delivers impressive power from its short 11.75-inch barrel. In fact, it launches a 12-grain .22-caliber pellet at about 700 fps, making it suitable for small-game hunting, plinking or target shooting with friends.

The Notos’ fixed, high-pressure air tank fills to a maximum pressure of 3,625 psi. It has a seven-shot, auto-indexing rotary magazine, and side-lever cocking, both of which help yield a smooth transition to the next shot. Additionally, a full-length, integrated Picatinny rail on top allows for easy mounting of an optic.

Quiet shots are made possible because of the three-baffle SilencAir System and shrouded barrel. Overall length is 31.375 inches with the stock collapsed and 34 inches with the stock completely extended. MSRP is $260.

Barra 1100z 

The 1100z is Barra’s first pre-charged pneumatic airgun built with the serious shooter in mind. With the rifle’s premium components, the company says it offers very high performance and great accuracy right out of the box.

An unregulated PCP, the 1100z has a max fill pressure of 3,000 psi via a standard Foster quick disconnect. It has an adjustable hammer spring so the user can easily adjust the power, noise and shot count. Barra says that with heavier pellets this .22-caliber model can produce muzzle velocity of 1,000 feet per second and muzzle energy exceeding 36 foot-pounds of energy.

The air rifle’s breech and scope rail are machined from a single block of metal for durability and accuracy. The solid steel receivers and handle yield an extremely light cocking effort and quick reloading.

With a 19-inch barrel, the 1100z has an overall length of 42.25 inches. Total weight is 7.5 pounds, and it comes with two 10-shot rotary magazines. MSRP for the Barra 1100z is $250.

Lancer Tactical Bullpup PCP 

Bullpup rifles are cool because they can maintain a fairly long barrel for good accuracy while still being quite compact in overall length. Originally a producer of airsoft guns and gear, Lancer Tactical’s new Bullpup air rifle checks both of those boxes and has a distinctive, attractive look, to boot.

This .22-caliber PCP air gun’s wood lower frame design offers a unique look while maintaining its light weight. Atop that is a full metal upper barrel assembly with a 20mm Picatinny rail allowing for the mounting of a suitable optic.

This model features an easy-to-use mechanism that makes follow-up shots quick and easy, along with a rubber butt pad for comfort when shouldering. Overall length of the Lancer Bullpup is only 27 inches, and it weighs in at 5 pounds. Fed by a nine-round rotary magazine, it produces a muzzle velocity of 800 fps.

A two-stage trigger increases accuracy, and a shrouded barrel helps dampen the report of the shot. MSRP for the Bullpup is $300.

JTS Group Airacuda Max 

The Airacuda Max has all of the great features of the original Airacuda PCP air rifle along with some extras for enhanced performance. Newly introduced last year, JTS Airguns has added a .25-caliber model to the lineup this year.

With a very handsome wood thumbhole stock, this air rifle is fully regulated so it yields smooth and consistent velocity for each shot for predictable performance. Maximum velocity is 920 fps for the .22 caliber and 900 fps for .25. The gun also features a 1/2x20 UNF adapter for the addition of a moderator to lower the sound below that of the quiet shots already provided by the shrouded barrel.

Other features include a Picatinny optics rail, laser-engraved checkering on the pistol grip and forearm, a textured rubber butt pad and integrated reservoir manometer and regulator manometer.

An elevation-adjustable cheek rest helps to ensure proper eye alignment, and the side lever easily cycles one of the two included 10-round metal magazines. Barrel length is 18 inches, overall length is 41.5 inches and weight is 7.9 pounds. MSRP is $450.

Stoeger XM1 Bullshark 

Historically known for their high-quality budget-minded shotguns and more recently for their serviceable handgun line, Stoeger offers air rifles that won’t let shooters down. This little bullpup is one of the company’s newest and is now available in a .25-caliber version. 

According to the company, “Its groundbreaking bullpup configuration combined with an integrated suppressor, virtually no recoil and Olympic-grade accuracy (using premium pellets) delivers a whole new level of compact handling, maneuverability and performance.”

The Bullshark is highly adjustable to the individual shooter, featuring recoil pad spacers, adjustable cheek pieces and adjustable grips. Its two-stage, adjustable trigger bolsters accuracy, and it has Picatinny rails on top and both sides for mounting optics and other accessories.

The airgun’s front vertical grip makes it easy to put on target quickly. Powered by an integrated, rechargeable 2,900 psi tank, the Bullshark can shoot approximately 50 shots per charge.  Available in .177, .22 or .25 caliber, this airgun comes with two rotary magazines. MSRP for the Bullshark is $479.

Air Venturi AvengeX

The new AvengeX repeater follows in the footsteps of the company’s popular Avenger air rifle. And based on the features it exhibits, it’s likely to become even more popular. Offered in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, it is designed for the receiver to be easily swapped to another stock, whether the Classic wood stock, bullpup or Tactical.  

A two-stage adjustable trigger aids in accuracy, while 11mm dovetails make scope mounting an easy proposition. Interchangeable air bottles that can charge up to 4,350 psi are offered in 210cc tubes or 390cc carbon-fiber tanks. The Classic wood stock version features a 22.75-inch barrel, an overall length of 43.25 inches and weighs in at 7 pounds.

According to the company, the AvengeX has the power and accuracy to be effective out to 100 yards. A smooth side lever enables the operator to easily cycle the auto-indexing magazines. Additionally, the barrel is fully shrouded with a 1/2x20 threaded muzzle. MSRP starts at $500.

Rapid Air Worx Microhunter 

A subsidiary of Airforce Airguns, Rapid Air Worx’s new MicroHunter is likely to gain favor among those who enjoy hunting small game with air rifles but who don’t like to lug around a long, heavy model.

Designed as a subcompact small-game hunting rifle, the MicroHunter is only 27 inches in length and weighs in at only 5.6 pounds. Yet, despite its diminutive size it is capable of over 25 ft./lbs. of muzzle energy. 

The company’s new BarkStripper adjustable air stripper reduces accuracy-robbing air turbulence and reduces the muzzle report. Additionally, the MircoHunter stock is ambidextrous and features an adjustable cheek rest that can be set up for both left- and right-handed shooters. RAW describes it as a “fixed/adjustable design” that eliminates movement and noise, and features a spring-loaded butt pad that extends to 1.25 inches with the touch of a button and is adjustable in .45-inch increments with four positions.

Available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers and sporting a fully adjustable trigger, this is truly a top-quality PCP air rifle for serious hunters and shooters who don’t flinch at a fairly hefty price tag. MSRP is $1,785. 

Adding inventory

Those retailers who aren’t taking advantage of the boom in high-quality air guns are surely facing some unrealized profits. The eight air guns described here would be good ones to consider when determining what models to add to your inventory this year.


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