Brass Magnet Brass Collection Net

The Brass Magnet is an affordable, fast and simple way to pick up discarded brass in just minutes.

Brass Magnet Brass Collection Net

The Brass Magnet is an 8.5- by 12-foot lightweight — just 4.5 pounds — nylon mesh brass collection net with a “stuff sack” included that can be used on snow, mud, grass, sand, gravel and other surfaces and stays flat and in place in 40 mph winds. A new expanded advanced manufacturing process makes ordering the Brass Magnet easy. Original, durable nets are still in service after collecting a million rounds! To use, simply position the net before shooting to collect spent brass casings. When finished, use the six weighted handles to pick it up. To cover a larger area, Velcro tabs connect multiple Brass Magnets. Pick up .22- through .50-caliber brass, as well as shotgun shells. Owners can also use the Brass Magnet at playgrounds, beaches, parks, etc. to pick up their toddler’s toys.

MSRP $175. 



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