Keep Shooters On Target

Do All Outdoors is focused on putting quality, affordable targets in front of every shooter.

Keep Shooters On Target

Whether you’re serving competition shooters, hunters or backyard plinkers, everyone in the shooting sports needs targets. And when it comes to shotgunning, clay target throwers provide endless opportunities to practice and plenty of fun.

One of the biggest names in the business, especially when it comes to clay target throwers, is Do All Outdoors. We recently caught up with company President Dave Peterson to talk about Do All’s product lines, the challenges of staying on top of the industry and its support of the shooting sports.

SSR: Can you talk about the company’s history and its place in the industry today?

Peterson: Do All Outdoors was founded in 1997 with the introduction of the first-ever clay pigeon throwers that were simple and affordable enough for individuals to own and operate.  Since then, we have broadened our product line to include so much more. Steel Targets, Impact Seal Targets, Dead Deer Accessories, and Jurassic Rock have all been added to make sure that we have something to offer to almost every shooter out there. We are dedicated to bringing the most innovative, highest quality, and affordable products to the market to stay ahead of the competition.

SSR: There’s obviously been a surge in firearms sales over the past few years. How has that translated to your corner of the market? 

Peterson: Not only have firearm sales surged over the past few years but shooting accessories have also excelled. Keeping your shooting skills honed requires practice, and our full line of throwers and targets give unlimited options for just that. Whether you’re shooting at clays, plinking around for fun or aiming to improve your marksmanship, we have worked hard to offer a large variety to choose from and are continually developing new products to keep shooting interesting and fun.

SSR: Tell me a bit about the product lines. What are some of your biggest sellers?

Peterson: Several of our best sellers are our throwers that cover all price points from entry-level manual traps like the Competitor to the automatic FlyWay 180X turret-style thrower that will keep you shooting for hours on end. Automatic throwers will always be a major part of who we are; their success has allowed us to explore other product lines, giving us even more to offer. 

Recently we released the Triple Clay Handheld Thrower, making it as easy to throw one, two or three clays simultaneously into the air as effortlessly as swinging a bat. Before that, we introduced the Clay Cannon, a one-of-a-kind handheld thrower that can send clays 60-plus yards by simply pulling the trigger. It instantly became one of our top sellers. Plinking targets are also very popular, with a great selection in both .22-caliber and pellet gun targets including our Tree Spinners and Dialed Spinner. Impact Seal targets sell well due to their versatility. They are made of an advanced lightweight material that self-heals after the bullet passes through but is still tough enough to handle thousands of hits from rifles and handguns of all calibers with minimal damage. We have also expanded our steel target line of gongs, dueling trees and auto-reset targets for larger calibers.

SSR: What makes a good clay target thrower, and what sets you apart from the competition?

Peterson: We’ve set the bar high for all of our throwers. Affordability is important, but we also make sure to use the very best materials available in all our products, including high-quality steel that has been powder coated for durability and longevity. Continually improving the inner workings with the newest technology is another big thing, and most importantly backing up all our products with the best customer service department in the industry to make sure you have all the resources you need to be shooting in no time.

SSR: Can you explain your product development process and philosophy?

Peterson: All our products are meticulously designed by our staff with over 100 years of combined experience. By collaborating together, we are able to create new products that give shooters something new and original to keep them engaged in the sport. Rigorous testing is also an important part of the process, making sure that everything we introduce is up to par.

SSR: What is Do All doing to stay on top of the target market?

Peterson: The competition in the industry is definitely tough but we’re able to stay on top by introducing new and innovative items into all our product lines, making sure that our range of products stays fresh while always looking to improve our existing items. And we make sure they are user friendly with a long lifespan. 

The most significant additions lately have been to the FlyWay Series with the turret-style FlyWay 180 and the FlyWay 4x4 consisting of a rugged wagon complete with an automatic thrower, wobbler, wireless remote and tray bay for storage. In our steel target category, we recently introduced the .22 Dialed Spinner, which is made up of five targets in one with separated steel plates that swing freely when hit. Thinking outside the box allows us to provide new products never before seen on the market.

SSR: What are your biggest challenges in today’s shooting sports industry, and where do you see opportunity?

Peterson: The biggest challenge for Do All Outdoors is making sure that we stand out from all the others. Not only does this require the best products but also making sure that what we have to offer is being seen by consumers. To do this we have improved our marketing game tremendously. Not only is print advertising important, but so is social media. To break into this category, we have hired the very best to make sure that we are being seen in all the right places by producing captivating content that keeps shooters coming back for more.

SSR: Talk about your sponsorship of the USA Clay League and how Do All supports the shooting sports.

Peterson: Do All Outdoors is proud to be a sponsor of the USA Clay Target League. The impact the league has had on not only the industry but also the lives of the students cannot be overstated. They have been incredibly successful in providing a safe and fun opportunity to tens of thousands of athletes and schools by providing clay target shooting sports across the country. In addition to financial support, we have designed a special USA Clay Target League branded automatic thrower setup to emulate what they shoot on the range as well as the FlyWay One manual thrower. Supporting the next generation of outdoor shooting sports enthusiasts with the opportunity to participate is an incredible way to support the future of our industry.

SSR: What does a retailer need to do to begin carrying Do All products in their stores? Are there any dealer incentives or programs for new partners?

Peterson: Becoming a Do All Outdoors dealer is simple, contact us at or call us directly at 406-600-2511 and we will get you a current catalog and price list. We often offer special pricing and all U.S. dealer orders over $2,000 not only receive free freight but also get extended net 60 terms (on approved credit).


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