The Savage Renegauge is Ready to Compete

Savage’s line of semi-auto shotguns is built on a reliable base for competition shooters.

The Savage Renegauge is Ready to Compete

Competition shotguns have come a very long way in a decade all thanks to the driving force of 3-gun competitions. Shooters pull the trigger more in a single stage of these competitions than most hunters do across multiple seasons, which has put more focus on feeding function and reliability. 

Savage has made a hard play at the semi-auto shotgun market with the innovative Renegauge series shotguns that reflect the “new Savage” DNA. The Renegauge features a completely new dual gas valve design. The already heavily fielded Renegauge models have been delivering extreme reliability with very strong, rugged, and competitively featured models for field, competition and security-focused shooters. What makes the Renegauge very different is a completely new self-adjusting DRIV (Dual Regulating Inline Valve) gas system that is extremely clean running, self-adjusting and venting, with lower maintenance requirements. The differences don’t stop there.

The latest semi-auto Savage Renegauge 9+1 Competition shotgun is dressed in a sharp fire-red color theme, and based on its impressive reliability and function, Savage could be the next big name in 3-gun.

Built for Competition First

The challenge with most competition shotguns is that they were typically upcycled legacy models with a tuning package and oversized controls. The result of this development strategy was a fairly substantial difference in the handling, ergonomics and operation of field and competition guns. Transitions between hunting and competition guns were typically not intuitive. The other challenge was that upcycled field guns with bolt-on accessories and tuning packages pushed a field gun design beyond its limits of reliability without a lot of tweaking and tuning. 

Savage took a different approach and built a shotgun that includes all the features and reliably a competitor would want right from the start as a unified functional design and offers them on every gun. The result is that every Renegauge is the same made-in-America feature-rich competition gun, but configured with barrel, sights, magazine, finishes and choke differences for each application.


Gas System

The unique Dual Regulating Inline Valve gas system on all Renegauge shotguns may prove to be one of the most reliable gas shotgun designs on the market. The DRIV system is a dual self-adjusting and regulating valve system and requires no adjustments or valve swaps between the lightest to heaviest rounds, including any 2-¾ to 3-inch shell you can stuff into the loading port. Part of the advantage is that the DRIV system dumps all the excess gas out the front dual ports. The DRIV system uses tuned ports and springs on the valves to pass cycling gas or port the excess gas automatically. The result of the DRIV system is less gas blowback into the action and a cleaner and longer-running overall action, more reliability, with softer recoil and more control.

Clean and Simple

A notable benefit of the Savage DRIV gas system venting all the unneeded gas out the front is that the Renegauge can run far longer than other gas-operated shotguns without being cleaned. Savage has also taken a cue from AR bolts and improved inherent lubricity and simplified cleaning with a chrome plated action bar, bolt and reciprocating components. Thankfully when it is finally time to field strip and clean the Renegauge, the process is quick and almost completely tool-less. For the Competition model, the barrel clamp and magazine tube need to be removed as an added step over their hunting models, otherwise disassembly can be done in under a minute.


Recoil and Fit

The DRIV system drastically reduces recoil with a notably soft recoil impulse, plus Savage has included a stock rod buffer to reduce felt recoil further. Most shooters know a proper fitting shotgun improves clays scores and reduces felt recoil, and the Renegauge series guns all include fully adjustable components to tune length of pull, comb height, drop and cast for the perfect fit. Shooters who also own a Renegauge Field model will appreciate that they can configure it to fit identically to the Competition model for perfect field-to-competition transitions.


Controls and Finishes

Every Renegauge includes an oversized bolt handle, Cartridge Release Lever and safety along with an oversized competition-ready easy-loading feed port. The Cartridge Release Lever is a Benelli-style operation with the lever placed on the front of the trigger guard to allow improved cartridge feed control manipulation. Savage also decided to use modern high-performance finishes like chrome plating on the reciprocating components for cleaner and more reliable operation, and a melonite coating on the carbon steel barrel for almost maintenance-free care. Savage also looked at ways to reduce weight, including fluting the barrel and using alloys wherever possible.

Competition Features

The Competition Model is about 95% the same spec as the Field version with a few competition-focused changes. The Competition model features a 24-inch vs. the Field’s 28-inch barrel, 9+1 vs. 4+1 magazine capacity, extended red Hi-Viz Tri-Comp Front Sight vs. standard fiber optic sights, extended skeet vs. field chokes, and the obvious fire-red finish. The Competition model includes one extended skeet screw-in choke approved for tungsten and steel, but all Beretta/Benelli chokes are compatible.


Shooting Impressions

Savage has proven the reliability of the Renegauge since its introduction in 2020 with rave reviews from customers. The feeding and reliability have been a well noted advantage for even the most hardcore shotgunners who are deeply rooted with other brands. 

Over the years, I have not been extremely impressed with upcycled competition shotguns and experienced cartridge bobbles, feeding issues and short cleaning intervals. Generally, I have been disappointed that most semi-auto shotguns cannot seem to beat the reliability of my 1920-1960 Browning A5 shotguns, but with the Renegauge, I was extremely impressed. The Renegauge Competition model performed flawlessly right out of the box through a case of shells plus a random mixture of whatever shot, buckshot, slugs and various shell lengths I had on hand. This was the same experience with my previously tested Renegauge Security model. Notably, I only had a 250-shell case, but it was still running and feeding perfectly as I gleefully blasted one clay after another. Savage has created an incredible design with no tuning or bolt-on parts required. 

Beyond functioning, Savage has done an outstanding job with the customizable ergonomics, which I see as a huge plus. The Renegauge Competition model is nicely packaged right out of the box to jump straight into a 3-gun match. The red finish is sharp and a unique look in an industry full of black guns. Savage has clearly worked with the competition market to understand exactly what they expected from a competition-ready shotgun. 

Before your customers reach for some of those other brands, encourage them to take a very hard look at the Savage Renegauge line.


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