Crimson Trace Names First Premium Range In U.S.

What sets CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Iowa apart from all other retailers? It starts with an exclusive title presented by Crimson Trace.
Crimson Trace Names First Premium Range In U.S.

Crimson Trace has around 250 retailer stores taking place in their range program, but the laser manufacturer now has a new level of program — the Premium Range Program.

CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa, was officially presented a plaque today, naming it the first of several future premium range programs.

“A lot of it is based on how CrossRoads has approached the market,” Donald Wright, Crimson Trace Director of Commercial Sales, said. “Such a broad spectrum of customer base, they are trying to get new shooters, bring in women shooters and trying to make it such a comfortable experience. They want their staff to be as highly trained as humanly possible. It’s gathering every bit of information they can pull in through any of the avenues but also having manufacturers come in and give their side of it.

“(CrossRoads) is just a perfect fit for what we could ask for.”

Wright explained the major differences between a range program and the new premium program is the latter will have a much larger selection of laser-equipped rental guns.

“That’s first and foremost,” he said. “When the customer comes in and wants to experience lasers they will be able to choose from every one of our platforms, all kind of different calibers and get the true experience of lasers. That’s the first piece, and the second piece is training. Again, the Crimson Trace Classroom Program that we designed last year everybody is required to be a graduate of that. That teaches them to not just sell lasers but be able to speak to it from experience.”

To qualify to be a premium range program, a retail must have the necessary training, have the adequate amount of stocked guns at all times and have enough inventory customers can buy guns the same day a rental gun is tested.

Though only one retailer has been named a premium program, Wright said more are on the way. He said 15 sales representatives scouted their respective areas for potential retailers.

“We kind of did set the bar high enough that we don’t expect there to be multiple premium ranges in any small region — maybe one per state or one or two per metro area,” Wright said. “It was meant to be somewhat elistist.”

And, of course, what benefits to retailers get for being in the premium program? Wright covered that, as well.

“We do offer a discount so every year they can replenish their rental guns at a greatly discounted price. They also get a second set of lasers to sell at retail that match those rental-gun purchases, so they’re getting a cost-saving benefit to carry the logo,” he said. “We do give them an annotation on our website, as well. One of the ways we sell is ‘Find Your Local Deal,’ and the Premium Range logo is prominent on our website and is the top dog.”


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