Exclusive shooting sports industry news for November

Here's an exclusive look at important industry news to know.
Exclusive shooting sports industry news for November

Whether products are brand new or receiving an upgrade, manufacturers are always pushing the envelope to deliver better gear to the end user. This week is no different. Here’s some exclusive relevant news from this week in the shooting industry.

Week of Nov. 27

New Bushnell Elite Tactical Delivers Extreme Long Range Precision

Bushnell, an industry leader in high-performance optical solutions, announces an enhanced level of precision and performance with a new Elite Tactical flagship riflescope – the XRS II.

Delivery of precise rounds at extreme distances requires skills honed through rigorous practice. It also demands optics that are crafted to be precision tools. The XRS II is crafted to the most exacting standards to lead the Elite Tactical line of precision optics and perform at distances that were once unimaginable.

Delivering stunning edge-to-edge clarity in any condition with ED Prime glass, plus an impressive 4.5-30x zoom and wide 50mm objective lens, the XRS II is purpose-built to easily acquire targets more than 1,000 yards distant. Water, fog, dust and debris are no match for the exclusive, patented, EXO Barrier protective lens coating.

The XRS II comes with a removable Throw Lever for quick magnification changes and features a locking diopter that won’t budge.

Available in grey, black and flat dark earth with the Bushnell exclusive G3 reticle, the XRS II is also available in Horus H59 reticle and TRMR3 reticle configurations.

Bushnell, a Vista Outdoor brand, is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in precision hunting, tactical and recreational optics and accessories. For more information, visit http://bushnell.com/all-products/rifle-scopes/xrs-ii.

L-AV8 infuses Pnuma Outdoors Rogue Series

L-AV8, LLC, a new company born to provide L-AV8 IE (Infused Energy) technology into clothing, infuses the Rogue performance hunting shirts and lightweight base layer pant by Pnuma Outdoors, a rapidly growing quality hunting apparel brand.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional hunter looking to enhance performance or gain more flexibility — or an outdoorsman seeking natural ways to relieve pain, the benefits encompass all walks of life and lifestyles. L-AV8 IE Technology unlocks eight core benefits: Increased Strength, Improved Hydration, Better Sleep, Greater Flexibility, Reduced Surface Inflammation, More Energy, Faster Recovery and Increased Endurance. This technology allows extraordinary performance from gear by means of an electromagnetic infusion.

L-AV8 IE Technology is pushing the threshold between science and man; creating new, wearable technology like nothing seen before. This breakthrough technology is introduced in Pnuma’s Rogue performance shirts and base layer pant. Hunters need to utilize every ounce of energy for long hikes, uphill climbing and possible survival situations. L-AV8 infused clothing will give the body the ability to dig deep and endure nature’s abuse.

L-AV8 IE Technology is scientifically designed to increase stamina and blood flow. Materials are transformed at a molecular level to smooth out their naturally jagged wavelengths, a process that creates the ideal shape to attract and hold more electrons – which stimulates the body and mind. This patent-pending process heightens the brain-to-body connection, stimulating the body’s ability to achieve an elevated lifestyle for individuals seeking to improve their overall sense of well-being. For maximum effectiveness, items should be worn as often as possible to see and continue seeing their positive results. L-AV8 IE is a therapeutic energy enhancement that will last the lifetime of the garment and cannot be washed out. Individual results may vary based on the chemical makeup of each person.

The Rogue performance hunting shirts and base layer pant utilize a host of features and benefits outside of the L-AV8 IE technology. These garments are designed with a soft, high performance, mid-weight fabric that boasts a fit that’s easy to move in. It is the perfect pullover for everything you do in the outdoors when high performance fabric is needed – or even if it’s not. The comfortable polyester blend has added SilverStrike antimicrobial that keeps you and your shirt smelling fresher, longer. The contoured elbows and gusseted underarms allows free movement. The Rogue Series pays special attention to comfort with flat stitching and has eliminated irritating shoulder seams.

Week of Nov. 20

Wicked Ridge Introduces TenPoint ACUdraw on Best-Selling Invader G3 Model and as Add-On Accessory for all Wicked Ridge Crossbows

Wicked Ridge Crossbows, known for producing top value, precision performance crossbows, announced at the 2017 ATA Show that the TenPoint ACUdraw cocking mechanism is now available on the best-selling Invader G3 model.

A gear-assisted cocking mechanism, the patented ACUdraw is the most user-friendly and practical solution available on the market today for cocking a crossbow effortlessly and accurately. Fully integrated into the stock, with no dangling parts, it reduces the crossbow’s draw weight to roughly 5-pounds.

The ACUdraw is available pre-installed on the new Invader G3 package ($649 MSRP). The Invader G3 weighs 6.6 pounds and shoots up to 330 fps. Also included in the package is a quiver and three Wicked Ridge carbon arrows.

“When we launched the ACUdraw cocking mechanism in 1996, it changed the landscape of the crossbow market,” said TenPoint and Wicked Ridge CEO Rick Bednar.  “Through its many technological improvements it has remained the premiere cocking aid on the market and now, by offering it to our Wicked Ridge customers, it will change the landscape of the entry-level crossbow market as well.”

The ACUdraw is also available as a stand-alone accessory ($239) for previous and current Wicked Ridge models. Pre-2017 Wicked Ridge models may require two additional holes to be drilled in the stock - a template is included with the ACUdraw. If your ACUdraw unit does not include the necessary hardware for installation, please contact TenPoint Customer Service.

The GAMO Hornet Maxxim Air Rifle — Ready for Squirrel Season

GAMO Outdoor USA encourages everyone to try the Hornet Maxxim break barrel, gas piston air rifle this Fall. The Hornet Maxxim is available in both .22- and .177-caliber configurations providing the perfect shooting platform for small game hunting, recreational shooting and pest control. The Hornet Maxxim features quality parts and advanced technologies to improve the overall experience of shooting and hunting. Simply break open the fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel barrel, load a pellet and take aim. Hunting squirrels and other small game with the Hornet Maxxim is sure to be an enjoyable time shared with friends and family of all ages.

What makes the Hornet Maxxim a great choice besides it being affordable, is its advanced features, such as the Whisper Maxxim sound suppression technology, minimizing normal shooting noise. The Inert Gas Technology delivers steady and consistent power, increasing accuracy and durability with less vibration.  The Hornet Maxxim also incorporates GAMO’s patent pending CAT (Custom Action Trigger), a two-stage adjustable trigger that provides a crisp, clean and smooth trigger pull for improved accuracy.  GAMO designed the Hornet Maxxim with their Recoil Reducing Rail that maximizes the scope lifespan because of its 99.9 percent recoil compensation designed for high-power air rifles. The tough, all-weather molded synthetic stock has Shock Wave Absorber and their color-coded gasket PROSHOT ID System to help better align shooting needs with the performance attributes of each model from hunting to pest control and recreation to target and competition.

All GAMO air gun and ammunition packages are now clearly labeled and color coordinated to designate their recommended primary usage to easily pair the right ammo with the right airgun — Red = Pest/Recreation, Green = Hunting, Blue = Competition. Package includes 3-9x40 scope and rings.

Hornet Maxxim Specifications:

.177 Caliber

Weight: 5.64 pounds

Overall Length: 45.3 inches

Barrel Length: 19.9 inches

Muzzle velocity: 1,300 fps using PBA Platinum ammo

Extras: 3-9x40 scope and rings, 3-year warranty

MSRP: $149.99

.22 Caliber

Weight: 5.64 pounds

Overall Length: 45.3 inches

Barrel Length: 19.9 inches

Muzzle velocity: 975 fps using PBA Platinum ammo

Extras: 3-9x40 scope and rings, 3-year warranty

MSRP: $159.99


Week of Nov. 13

NiteSite Black Friday deals for retailers

NiteSite LLC, the US Sales Division of NiteSite LTD, the UK company and developers of infrared technology for predator hunting, are offering retailers a limited time offer to enjoy more money in their pockets with the NiteSite day/night systems.

Now, until November 23, 2017, retailers can receive an extra discount above their normal rates on all main units ordered. These units include the highly popular Eagle, Wolf and Viper night vision systems and the RTEK systems.

During the Black Friday weekend of Friday the 23rd to midnight Sunday the 25th of November, retailers can promote discounts to their customers and make additional profits. All discounts must be discontinued as of November 26, 2017. Keep customers coming back for more with the Black Friday Dealer specials and introduce more hunters to the sport of predator or varmint hunting using the affordable NiteSite day/night systems. They are made to use in both daylight and darkness using an existing rifle or crossbow and scope. An illuminator module fits to the scope allowing hunters a heads-up view of the action. The NiteSite RTEK systems also allow for video recording of hunts and training sessions.

The RTEK series is available in three models depending upon a hunter's preferences and game related hunting distances. The Viper RTEK has an identification range of 110 yards (100 meters) and a suggested MSRP of $850.00. The Wolf RTEK system has an identification range of 330 yards (300 meters) and an MSRP of $1,100.00. The Eagle RTEK night vision system identifies objects out to 550 yards (500 meters) with an MSRP of $1,350.00. All of NiteSite's RTEK night vision systems come with a 24-month limited warranty. For more information, visit www.nitesite.com.

MTM CASE-GARD Introduces a Case for Mechanical Broadheads

Since 1968, MTM has continued to design and produce products for the shooting enthusiast. From broadhead and ammo boxes to gun rests and clay target throwers, MTM offers a huge variety of products essential to the sportsman. New for 2017, MTM introduces a made in the U.S.A. Mechanical Broadhead Case.

The padded interior provides silent, rattle free protection from movement of the broadhead inside the case. The durable polymer case measures 5¼ x 3¾ x 1¼ inches and can store up to six mechanical broadheads. It is easy to transport and small enough to fit inside a pants pocket or backpack for quick access. The MTM Case-Gard Mechanical Broadhead Case can be purchased for $7.49 and is available in army green.

Mechanical Broadhead Case Features:

· Stores six mechanical broadheads

· Silent, rattle free, padded interior

· Small enough to fit inside a pant pocket or back pack

· MSRP: $7.49

For more information about the Mechanical Broadhead Case, please visit www.mtmcase-gard.com.

RRA LAR-15 Fred Eichler Series Predator2 Rifle Now Available in Rock River Arms Custom ROCKote Ghost Camouflage

Rock River Arms, Inc., an industry leader well-known for producing a full line of high-quality AR15-style rifles, components, parts, and accessories releases their newest predator rifle, the Fred Eichler Series Predator2 rifle with Rock River Arms ROCKote Ghost Camouflage finish.

The new Fred Eichler Series (FES) Predator2 rifle with RRA ROCKote Ghost Camouflage is chambered in the popular .223 Wylde which accepts both 5.56mm & .223 Remington ammunition. The ROCKote finish not only protects the metal from extreme environments and abuse, but also provides a unique, one-of-a-kind look to the predator rifle. The 16-inch fluted stainless steel barrel offers impressive accuracy at long ranges, has a 1:8 twist and has been cryogenically treated and bead blasted for a professional finish. The FES Predator2 rifle with RRA ROCKote Ghost Camouflage features a special RRA Fred Eichler Series Brake, helping control muzzle lift and reduce muzzle flash and a RRA two stage Varmint trigger for a crisp, light (3½  to 4 pound) trigger pull. This rifle is built for serious predator hunters and for those seeking a precision rifle capable of ¾ MOA.

The FES Predator2 with RRA ROCKote Ghost Camouflage also includes a RRA Fred Eichler Series free float extended handguard that is custom designed with Fred’s unique coyote paw prints and includes a full length top rail and two 2½-inch rails at the 6 & 9 O’clock. An exclusive gray Hogue pistol grip is included and the custom ROCKote Ghost Camo paint continues on the RRA’s Operator CAR buttstock, BCMGUNFIGHTER medium charging handle and the 30mm Hi-Rise mount (scope not included). MSRP is listed as $2,225. For more information, visit www.rockriverarms.com.

Week of Nov. 6

Maverick Arms, Inc. Issues Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice

Maverick Arms has discovered that a small number of Maverick Hunter Over/Under 12-gauge shotguns (SKU 75445) have been marked incorrectly. The chamber marking indicates that these shotguns are chambered for 3½-inch shells; however, the chambers are manufactured for 2¾-inch and 3-inch shells. All Maverick Hunter shotguns are manufactured with 3-inch chambers, not 3½-inch chambers. Firing 3½-inch shotshells through these shotguns may cause an increase in chamber pressure, which may result in damage to your shotgun and/or severe personal injury, if a barrel should rupture as a result of excess pressure.

How to Determine if Your Shotgun is Affected:  Each Maverick Hunter shotgun is marked with a chamber designation on the right side of the barrel, just below the safety warning. If your shotgun marking reads “12 Ga 3½” Maverick Hunter,” then your shotgun IS affected by this recall. Discontinue use of this shotgun and immediately follow the instructions provided below.

What to Do If Your Shotgun is Affected:  DO NOT fire 3½-inch shotshells through your Maverick Hunter Over/Under shotgun.

  1. Please call the Product Service Center at (800) 363-3555 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30PM EST or email us at service@mossberg.com to confirm that your shotgun is covered by this recall.
  2. If your shotgun is covered by this recall, Maverick Arms will provide a prepaid shipping label for your current shotgun, for return to an authorized Maverick Service Center.
  3. Once we receive your shotgun, Maverick will provide a free replacement shotgun of the same model and type (SKU 75445).

If you have already sold or otherwise disposed of your Maverick Hunter shotgun, we request that you immediately provide us with the contact information of the purchaser so that we may contact them directly and provide information about this recall.

Questions: For questions about this safety warning and product recall, or to confirm if your shotgun is affected by this recall, please contact the Product Service Center at (800) 363-3555.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this recall may cause, and we thank you for your patience, cooperation and support for the effort to better serve our customers.

*Note that only a small number of SKU 75445 shotguns are affected. No other Maverick or Mossberg models are affected by this Safety Warning or Recall Notice.


Traditions Performance Firearms Nitride Finish — Maximum Protection

Since 2016, Traditions Performance Firearms has added the popular Nitride finish to several models of their top-sellers in their muzzleloader line, coating both the inside & outside of the barrel to give you maximum protection against weather & corrosion. The Nitride finish helps keep your rifle from pitting and also provides increased accuracy.

Nitride is a durable finish used by numerous manufacturers to help protect against corrosion, weather, and pitting. It not only extends barrel life but also aids in increased accuracy. This coating stands up to the tough challenges of hunting while providing peace of mind that your rifle is protected.

Traditions™ models with the Nitride coating include configurations of the Vortek StrikerFire LDR, Vortek StrikerFire LDR Northwest Magnum, Vortek StrikerFire, Vortek StrikerFire Northwest Magnum, Pursuit G4 Ultralight, and Pursuit G4 Ultralight Northwest Magnum. The Nitride finish is also available with Traditions popular Crush and Drury Packages as well. MSRP on these new models range from $389 to $854.

To learn more about Traditions latest Nitride rifles, please visit www.traditionsfirearms.com.


NovX Ammunition Distributed through MidwayUSA

NovX is now being distributed by one of the largest online retailers in the firearms industry, MidwayUSA. NovX offers the consumer a bullet that has the firepower of a .45 packed in a 9mm round.

NovX ammunition combines two innovative technologies by marrying the intellectual properties of a polymer/copper ARX bullet with the Shell Shock Technologies (SST) stainless steel casing and aluminum primer base, operating on the principle of Aero and Fluid Dynamics, not hydrostatic shock or mushrooming. The NovX technology is replacing old-world brass with a stronger, lighter and more consistent cartridge, creating possibly the most accurate defensive handgun ammunition on the market.

“We are honored that an industry leader such as MidwayUSA is the first to come on board to distribute NovX ammunition. In developing this new round of ammunition, our goal was to increase performance in not only accuracy but functionality as well,” states Scott Shultz, CEO. “This partnership with MidwayUSA is a perfect fit as our business philosophies run in tandem.”

To review product information or to place an order, visit www.MidwayUSA.com.

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