INFOGRAPHIC: New Target Shooters More Diverse

INFOGRAPHIC: New Target Shooters More Diverse

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A new infographic compiled by the National Shooting Sports Foundation tells most retailers what they probably already know (and what SSR has been telling our readers for about a year now)...the shooting sports are growing, and growing more diverse.

"Driven by newbies, target shooting participation has leaped by 19 percent, from 34.4 million in 2009 to 40.8 million in 2012," NSSF says. "That’s a 6.4 million increase; for comparison, golf and some other traditional activities have seen their participant base decline by millions."

Think about some of the stats in here. New shooters are in their 3os, almost 40 percent are female (that's just a stunning fact in itself) and nearly 50 percent are from the city or its outskirts. While shooters with more than a half decade of experience are older, rural men who typically are hunters, new shooters are looking a lot different from what they used to be.

Is your retail operation prepared to meet the sales challenge for shooters new to the market who have very different perspectives than some of your "classic" clientele?


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