Showcasing Your Shotgun Storage Solutions

When it comes to home and self-defense firearms, shotguns can be a top product to place into the hands of customers — and make a sale.

Showcasing Your Shotgun Storage Solutions

Storage solutions for firearms include vehicles, which many buyers will be interested in seeing.

When it comes to home and self-defense firearms, shotguns can be a top product to place into the hands of customers — and make a sale. There are many self-defense advantages with shotguns, and as you make that scattergun sale is also a good time to discuss securing the firearm in the home or a vehicle. Shotguns and storage are a match.

Just like the many available models of tactical and self-defense shotguns, there are many secure storage solutions for those firearms owners/customers. More good news is that storage solutions have moved from a metal cabinet in a closet corner into main living areas — while also providing quick access — with some not-so-noticeable storage solutions.

The first thing to grasp when making this major accessory sale is the customer’s needs. Listen carefully to the customer and determine what they want compared to what they may need. It's much easier to sell them something they need compared to something they just want. It’s a top rule in basic economics. Since consumers are at different mindsets when they enter your retail center, you need to concentrate on those needs and then offer options and solutions to the customers’ problems or needs.

Today everything and everyone is talking about technology — and high-tech solutions. Storage for firearms, including tactical shotguns, has followed this trend. One example is a storage system that offers five options for quick opening and access to the firearms inside. Stay alert and listen to your customers’ comments and questions about what they have, are reading about or what they are considering buying. This intel could provide big clues on what you need to order, stock and display in your center.

On the Wall or Floor

Among the many securing options for shotguns are the new furniture models that can be attached securely to a wall or placed in plain sight as standard furniture. This is a rapidly expanding firearm storage arena and you and your employees should stay up to date on the top manufacturers and their many models. Once you decide which furniture you will offer, consider a home accent center since this type purchase is a true lifestyle decision.

A top furniture category is wall mirrors, and the good news is these home furnishings are offered in many finishes or colors and styles. Most have solid foam blocks inside the secured area and the firearm profile needs to be cut and removed so the shotgun can be placed there. This market segment now has many manufacturers offering numerous options. Your customers are certainly aware of these storage solutions.

Another option is horizontal shelves that mount to the wall and open rapidly for access to the firearm concealed inside. More and more of these are reaching your customers’ homes, so plan ahead and have these in stock and on display. Your standard showroom floor area where the large safes are displayed will be a top spot to place these. You can also work with your manufacturers or supplier to build displays or get co-op dollars if you need to prepare special areas and displays.

Next in the furniture category is true furniture, ranging from coffee tables with inner safe storage areas to full-sized chests with false bottoms or pull-out drawers or segments. Some shops are now working with local furniture manufacturers to create their own line of these furniture pieces. This is a hot market segment and more options will come. Get ahead of your competition by exploring the options and stocking now.

As a rule, when you have these furniture pieces in your retail center, broadcast the news when new models are in stock and think about the seasons, especially Christmas and mid-spring through summer when homeowners are remodeling — or your customers could be moving and buying new homes. When homeowners buy homes, they also often buy new furniture. From spring into the end of summer before school starts is a time to focus on this home market and work with homebuyers or advertise in that market.

If you have the time and/or staff, you can one-up your competition by maybe working with a builder or realtor association and getting products placed into a showcase home during the popular spring and summer home expos or builders’ home shows. At these events, thousands of potential clients walk by and do self-guided tours through homes and you could be on site showing tables, mirrors, cabinets and other home furnishes that do a dual purpose — and secure a shotgun. Be prepared to pass out business cards and product and store flyers with information about your business to include location, hours and a website. In most cases, since furniture is so personal in nature, shoppers want to see, feel and measure. Mega furniture store IKEA recognizes this and has showrooms in most major metro areas, and then ships purchases to customers.

An important thing to remember in home furnishings as firearms storage is these items generally go into a couple’s home and that the wife — or husband if wife is the buyer — will want to weigh in on the decision and purchase. If they are together in your store and talking about a purchase, the couple are your customers and not just the husband or wife. If any solo customer buys a piece of home furniture, consider offering a return policy because one piece of furniture can cause a lot of in-home turmoil and the solo shopper may see your store as the source of the problem in the long run. Better safe than sorry here. 

Under the Bed, in the Trunk

Beyond furniture, there are other functional options for securing a tactical shotgun in a home. Stay abreast of local and state laws, however, and requirements regarding securing firearms — and be prepared to pass the accurate details to customers. Some customers will always see firearms storage as a safe but realize some of these are not so easy to open for quick access.

The good news is there are several manufacturers that offer sturdy metal cabinets that fit under most beds or in the trunks of vehicles. These units provide out-of-sight storage and also allow quick access. You and your staff should be able to discuss the dimensions, building features and how the units are mounted to the floor or bed and inside of vehicles. Some of these units will also fit under a standard couch or can be used under the rear passenger area seats in some vehicles. In nearly all cases, they keep firearms and the storage unit out of sight of passerbys.

With these in-the-vehicle and under-the-bed shotgun and firearms storage solutions, create displays in your retail center when possible to help shoppers realize the end results. This type storage unit is definitely a hands-on purchase. Work to help the customer realize their storage options and you are well on the way to making the sale.

Not So Ordinary

While boxes, shelves, tables and cabinets are common, there are other shotgun storage options that are not so common. Most of these small metal boxes have openings to permit secure storage of shotguns — and AR rifles — and the units can be mounted behind closed doors or in other convenient areas. These can be used in vertical or horizontal positions and provide unlimited storage options in most homes. The metal box basically covers the firearm’s actions and trigger areas.

Great news is for those tech-focused customers is that the compact storage box can be quickly opened with a keypad, wristband, key fob or decal affixed to an item. These devices are also sold separately, and most boxes can be programed to accept up to five opening options. 

Most of these units meet the under $200 price point for customers who shy away from those $500 and up storage options, so be certain to point out price points if customers shy away from more expensive options. If a customer says, “I will consider it,” give them another storage solution to consider because they often mean they do not think this product fits their budget.

The End Result

There are numerous nontraditional shotgun storage solutions that will fit nearly any customer’s preference, lifestyle and spaces. You may need patience and the ability to ask the right questions and offer the solutions to help guide them through the selection and purchase process. Then what about after the cash register rings?

Because these storage units require mounting and/or moving, consider providing in-home installation or work with a source that can deliver and install the products. Some of the items in this category of shotgun storage solutions can be heavy or bulky, and making a sale could be hinged on making a delivery. Partner with local movers for the furniture and possibly body shops for the in-vehicle installations if you and your staff don’t have the time or experience. This after-sales-service can be critical with larger items like furniture safes, tactical tables and wall-mounted cabinet units. Not every customer is a master carpenter or pro furniture mover. Offer home delivery or installation and you have overcome what many customers see as the top reason not to purchase these types of shotgun storage solutions.

Shotguns are a top tactical and home security firearm. Work to expand and grow your market share with the firearms and storage solutions and you will keep customers coming to your door.


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