Winchester To Offer Steel-Cased Pistol Ammo

Winchester offers an exclusive look at new ammunition planned for 2016 launch, including steel-cased ammo, lead-free rounds and new 'Range Packs.'
Winchester To Offer Steel-Cased Pistol Ammo

In a move that marks a major push toward budget-minded shooters, Winchester Ammunition is set to launch a new line of pistol ammunition with a steel case that's recommended for "high volume range use." Now shooters have another option for inexpensive, steel cased ammo that's made in the United States and features the quality and safety of a nearly 150 year-old brand.

The so-called "USA-Forged" ammo line will be offered in 9mm pistol caliber only and features a non-corrosive boxer primer, a brass-jacketed, lead core bullet and the same powder used on all other Winchester ammunition. The USA-Forged ammunition will be manufactured in Oxford, Mississippi.

"Winchester 'USA Forged' steel-cased pistol ammunition will offer home-grown value to this consumer and also give them the opportunity to be proud that their purchase is supporting American industry and our collective rights and passions," the company says.

The ammunition should be available in 2016 and a 150-round box will retail for about $30, which puts it in the same price range as popular Russian-made steel cased pistol rounds.

Additionally, Winchester will offer new Range Packs of standard pistol ammunition in a variety of calibers packaged in 200-round boxes, including .380 Auto for the first time. The company will also offer a 180 round box of 5.56 centerfire rounds available in 2016.

And finally, Winchester is set to launch its Super Clean line of pistol ammunition that feature zinc cored, full metal jacket bullets with lead-free primers. The company says the ammunition is tailor made for indoor range use and law enforcement training. The Super Clean line will be available in 2016 and its "price point encourages high-volume training sessions."


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