America’s Gunsmith Shop Under New Ownership

Roy Christensen acquires Gander Mountain’s central gunsmith operation, offering nationwide service to retailers

America’s Gunsmith Shop Under New Ownership

What started as the central gunsmith service center for the fledgling Gander Mountain operations in 1979, eventually supporting more than 130 gunsmith operations across the country, will be further spreading its wings under new owner Roy Christensen. 

Now recognized as America’s Gunsmith Shop, it was most recently a division of Camping World after its acquisition of Gander Mountain in 2017. Christensen, the long-time manager of the operation, seized the opportunity to purchase the gunsmith arm of Camping World after he was informed in August 2021 that America’s Gunsmith Shop would be liquidated and closed. 

“Honestly, I just couldn’t let such a talented group of gunsmiths lose their jobs,” Christensen said. “There’s so much craftsmanship and experience within the team, I was determined to keep this group together and see the business into its next chapter.” 

The gunsmith team at America’s Gunsmith Shop has nearly 100 years of combined experience within the trade. From basic to advanced firearm repair, custom trigger work, adjustable combs and buttplates, choke tube installation, all the way to more intricate services like bluing, hydro-dipping, Cerakote ceramic gun coatings, even laser engraving — America’s Gunsmith Shop is a complete source for comprehensive gunsmith services — available to customers nationwide. 

“Our mission is simple: We’re here to help people,” Christensen said. “If us helping people means they are able to better enjoy the outdoors or are able to better protect their families, than we’ve done our job.”

Their process could not be simpler: After a call to discuss the customer’s specific needs, America’s Gunsmith Shop will ship a sturdy, protective box to the customer’s door. The customer simply seals the gun in the provided box, applies the supplied mailing label and the gun is shipped directly to their facility. Upon receipt, services are conducted onsite and upon completion the firearm is shipped safely back to the customer. It’s a simple and secure process that has proven successful and allows customers from around the country to utilize the unique services offered at America’s Gunsmith Shop.

America’s Gunsmith Shop services are the extended gunsmithing “arm” of gun shops and sporting goods stores around the country, giving stores that don’t have an onsite gunsmith the ability offer their local customers full gunsmith services through America’s Gunsmith Shop. As a result, Christensen’s network is continually expanding thanks to the growing number of participating dealers. 

Currently located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, America’s Gunsmith Shop will soon be making a move to a new a free-standing location in Burlington, Wisconsin. The business will also be adding a retail division, providing a full selection of guns and accessories. The new location will offer the same level of comprehensive gunsmith services for customers, nationwide. The opening is slated for May 2022. 

To learn more about the full line of gunsmith services offered by America’s Gunsmith Shop or to schedule firearm work, visit or call (866) 862-4570. 


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