Sell These Upgrades to Rock the Glock

Make a nice profit margin beyond the original sale with these Glock upgrades.

Sell These Upgrades to Rock the Glock

Glock upgrades are more than just triggers and expand across a wide array of products.

According to many of the manufacturers below, most dealers are really missing out on an opportunity to upsell and capture Glock upgrades sales and margin.

DIY Glock upgrades can easily add $500 to a stock Glock, and with an RMR sight, even more. KKM Precision noted that the market is so hot right now for Glock upgrades, that for dealers who are not carrying aftermarket Glock parts, it’s the equivalent of not carrying aftermarket AR parts.

Let us showcase a few of the top aftermarket Glock upgrades that will help dealers add big profits to their bottom lines.

Barrels and Triggers

The best two upgrades Glock owners can make are selecting an aftermarket barrel that fits their shooting needs and an improved trigger feel. Aftermarket premium barrels can offer a large accuracy boost over OEM barrels when shooting premium ammo

Aftermarket drop-in barrels offer a lot of options, including style, color, extended barrel and threaded options, that extend the capabilities of the Glock for around $200. Barrels and triggers generally have low discounting and fixed MAP and deliver a lot of margin for the dealer.

KKM – KKM has built a long legacy as the go-to match-grade barrel for Glock accuracy, and it has some unique options, such as barrel coating, caliber conversions, custom twist rates, extended lengths and barrel threading. We tricked out a Glock 26 with a fast 1:10 twist to handle the lighter bullets and short barrel instead of a typical KKM 1:20 designed for heavy match bullets. Our 10mm G20 sports an extended 6-inch barrel, which adds about 2.5 inches to the factory barrel. KKM notes these extended barrels on G20s are becoming widely used for deep brush hog and deer hunts and can deliver 10%+ energy increase and substantial velocity increases — much appreciated when hunting dangerous hogs. We also added a threaded G20 barrel for suppressor use. KKM is also known as one of the more economical premium barrel options, with most barrels starting around $165 MSRP.

Killer Innovations - If your customers want the most insane custom-looking match barrels and custom-cut slides, KI is the company that can deliver the wow factor. The MDC Gray threaded and milled G19 we tested featured a match crown, chamber, fluting, 416R stainless construction and an amazing attention to design detail. KI offers black, gold and gray coating barrel options and a wide range of slides, compensators, triggers, magazine plates and other Glock accessories that deliver the same leading-edge design attention as the featured gray barrel.

Feddersen - A longstanding barrel builder of Single Edged Polygonal Rifling and manufacturer of a world-record-setting barrel, Feddersen now offers supremely accurate G17 and G19 barrels in 416 stainless with threading as an option. Similar to earlier Glock polygonal rifled barrels, the Feddersen is less picky about ammo and offers great accuracy improvements even when using just good-quality range ammo. No coating options, just a stunning-looking stainless finish for around $200.

Faxon - Currently offering G34, G19 and G17 match-grade barrels with a variety of barrel finishes and fluting options, Faxon is competitively priced at about 10% less than other similar premium coated and fluted barrel options. Faxon has established itself well in the industry as an affordable and extremely accurate barrel manufacturer, and the Glock barrels have carried forward that legacy with pricing under $200.

Wheaton Arms - Custom details on the barrels include fully supported chamber, spiral fluting, polished feed ramp, oversized locking lugs, 1.165-inch throat cut, 11-degree target crown, and finishes that are unique and different in the industry. For your custom builders, Wheaton offers a complete line of triggers, guide rods and custom trigger and build parts that provide an option to OEM build kits. The Wheaton trigger, guide rod and barrel used on our featured custom build with a Polymer80 frame, Brownells slide, and XS sights and OEM internals worked flawlessly and delivered excellent accuracy with our Sig Sauer target and defensive ammo used in all our testing.

Apex - Famous for Glock triggers that deliver that crisp match feel customers are looking for, Apex has a trigger for nearly every Glock made, and for some models, upgraded safety plunger and disconnector kits that further improve trigger feel. Years of personal experience have proven them to be equally reliable as stock, but with a feel that has an immediate improvement in accuracy. Apex offers black, red, blue and designer options to add another level of custom to Glock builds.

TangoDown & Vickers - For low-cost upgrades that deliver noticeable improvements in handling and shooting comfort, the TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock catalog of upgrades is substantial, including upgraded flat trigger shoes, colored magazine base plates and extensions, extended magazine and slide stop releases, combo grip-plug and takedown tool, backplates and more. TangoDown dealers have noted that a must-have hot seller are the Vickers slide releases, especially for customers operating using a slide release reload.

Just these tricked out upgraded Glocks feature more than $2,500 in upgrades, revenue and margin opportunities copy.

Slides, Lowers, Sights, Cerakote, Build Parts

Once the barrel and trigger are upgraded, customers often look to custom slides or even complete custom builds to get the look and features they want on their Glocks, and it all adds up to far more margin for the dealer than OEM Glocks.

Slides - One of the more compelling reasons for customers to upgrade a slide is to mount an electronic reflex sight like a Sig Romeo, Sig Zero or Trijicon RMR. The $470+ Killer Innovations slides and $200 Brownells slide noted in this article are two options that showcase the ultra-custom and an OEM upgraded option. Dealers should ensure customers are purchasing a slide optic cut that matches their selected optic, otherwise, they might get locked into an optic due to mounting options. Even the Glock MOS mounts do not accommodate every optic on the market.

Lowers - There is a growing number of options for the bare frame Glock builder, including serialized options and 80% DIY models. One of the most popular 80% builder options is the Polymer80 PF-Series of frames. These builders do need build-part support in the form of OEM Glock parts, upgrade parts, barrels, slides, magazines, upper and lower build parts kits. Wise dealers will have a parts depot where OEM and upgrade parts are available for DIY customers that need just a few parts to complete a build. Dealers who are stocking Polymer80 lowers are seeing drastic Glock part sales increases, especially if they put together a DIY builder kit.

Sights - For customers who purchased Glocks without quality night sights, a set of quality metal night sights for just $125 is a must-have upgrade. Dealers do very well with sales if they include installation with purchase. For this article, we featured XS Sights, which offers a variety of sight options and models to fit any Glock. Our Polymer80 Glock received a set of F8 sights tall enough to co-witness after our Sig Romeo is fitted to the slide. Our G26 received the RAM night Sights, and our little G42 the very fast-shooting DXT Big Dot. XS Sight Systems have a wide compatibility across Glock models, so dealers do not need to stock much to start making an impact with sales.

Cerakoting - Nothing can transform a basic black Glock into something custom like Cerakote. Dealers who are successful with in-house or contracted Cerakote programs offer pre-finished or discounts on the Cerakoting for in-store purchased guns. Several dealers I spoke with had great success with outsourced Cerakoting to offer exclusive, unique, non-shoppable Cerakoted models sold at a premium.

Glock Armorer - Having an in-house trained Glock armorer can generate a lot of goodwill with customers, create a longer lasting relationship, and potentially bring in some income along the way. Due to the simplicity of the Glock platform, some dealers include free or very low-cost installation of accessories purchased in the store.

Holsters, Mags and Ammo

A natural add-on sale or harder-to-cost-compare package can include a holster, extra magazines and ammo.

Glock and Magpul magazines are both easy add-on sales options, however, a quality holster can also add instant margin. Mission First Tactical is offering Boltron precision-formed holsters in OWB, IWB/convertible, and Minimalist holster designs that offer premium features at a lower overall cost compared to similar custom options. MFT can custom print on the holsters as well. MFT recommends bundling a $35 MFT Minimalist holster, which only requires stocking three models to cover all but the plus-sized calibers.

A lot of new Glock owners who only shoot low-cost range ammo still have not realized how accurate a Glock can be with good quality ammo — both Hornady and Sig Sauer provided ammo for our testing, and both delivered exceptional accuracy in OEM and match barrels, even with their entry-level range ammo.

1 These Mission First Tactical Holsters deliver inexpensive bundle options for dealers that offer customer features copy.

Ultimate Glock Upgrades

Dealers are jumping onto the PCC (pistol caliber carbine) sales curve. For Glock owners, being able to use the same magazines and reuse their AR platform is appealing.

Magwell adapters from Matador Arms and Stern Defense slip into any AR-15 lower to accept Glock 9mm magazines and pair with a variety of 9mm PCC uppers. There are many AR PCC upper options, however, Stern Defense is offering builder kits with a barrel, bolt and magazine adapter starting at $400 and complete upper and adapter kits that start at only $600. Our Stern Defense kit performed perfectly on a Primary Weapons AR-15 lower.

For those DIY customers who want a dedicated Glock-format PCC AR platform, Ballistic Advantage offers a premium builder kit with upper and lower receivers and buffer/spring, and it can be perfectly paired with a BA 9mm barrel to offer DIY builders a reliable foundation for that perfect custom build.

P80 Build

This custom DIY Polymer80 has a total MSRP of more than $1,000 and can add substantial margins with a unique opportunity to keep customers coming back.

This build features a P80 frame, OEM internals, Wheaton Arms barrel, guide rod and trigger, Brownells slide, XS Sights and upgraded Vickers upgrades and OEM internal parts. There is still margin opportunity for a reflex sight addition.


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