Five New Handgun Holsters You Should Stock

Innovative new holster systems don’t compromise on comfort or security.

Five New Handgun Holsters You Should Stock

People who choose to carry have more holster options than ever before. Innovation takes center stage with a wave of new handgun holsters designed to cater to the diverse needs of firearm enthusiasts. Whether concealed, open or duty, there are holsters to match every fit, finish and style preference. 

The following five new holsters are well worth a little space in your store.

Adaptive Tactical Omnicarry IWB Holster

The Omnicarry IWB Holster from Adaptive Tactical (pictured above) is a revolutionary “universal fit” concealed carry solution that eliminates the need for multiple holsters by fitting more than 300 different handgun models. Its backer plates make fitting simple and secure, and included retention plates can be adjusted according to pistol thickness. Users can easily customize the holster to their preferred level of retention, providing a consistent and reliable draw every time and personalized fit for any handgun, including full-size, compact and subcompact models. In addition, the Omnicarry holster is optics-ready, making it compatible with all slide-mounted optics. It comes with two pre-installed 1.75-inch spring steel clips for fast and easy belt attachment and a grip rotation wing for enhanced concealability. MSRP: $69.99 


Comp-Tac Holsters Level III Duty Variants

Comp-Tac has introduced three new variants to its Level III CT3 line of holsters — high gloss finish, basket weave texture and a model to accommodate lights and lasers. The new high gloss finish variant adds a sleek and polished aesthetic, appealing to those seeking a professional and eye-catching appearance. The basket weave pattern not only enhances the visual appeal but allows the most modern holster solutions to be used while maintaining a traditional look. The attachments option provides enhanced customization for law enforcement, military and civilian users. Comp-Tac Level III CT3 holsters feature three levels of retention for exceptional retention, durability and compatibility. MSRP: $150


Kinetic Concealment HiPoint YC9 Holster

The HiPoint YC9 9mm Handgun Holster from Kinetic Concealment is designed with the highest level of functionality and durability in mind, providing gun owners with a comfortable and secure way to carry their firearms. Made with a low-profile Kydex shell design that allows for maximum concealment, all YC9 holsters are red-dot ready to accommodate users who like to carry a handgun equipped with an optic. HiPoint YC9 holsters are offered in OWB and IWB versions with neoprene backing or the popular KC baby style appendix holster. MSRP: Start at $49.95/OWB version; $65.95/Full-size IWB 


Mission First Tactical Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster

The Pro Series Guardian OWB Holster from Mission First Tactical features the Integrated Barrel Stabilizer Insert (IBSI), designed to maintain the alignment of the pistol with the holster body spine with or without an under-barrel-mounted weapon light. The Pro Series Guardian combines an In-Line Magnetic Retention System with an ultra-thin, comfortable profile, ensuring consistent retention. The neodymium magnet, boasting an impressive 11 pounds maximum pull weight, securely holds a fully loaded pistol in the holster without the need for any locking devices. Adding to the innovation is CURV thermoplastic composite fabric for the belt loops, delivering a lighter, stronger alternative to leather and other synthetic materials, all while providing exceptional comfort. MSRP: $124.99


Safariland Springfield Echelon Handgun Holsters

Safariland has partnered with Springfield to develop a compatible line of 6000 Series Holsters for the release of the Echelon — an adaptable and customizable handgun constructed on a durable stainless steel framework. Its all-new Central Operating Group is self-contained and serialized, allowing it to be easily moved between grip modules in seconds, incorporating a revolutionary optics mounting system. Meticulously designed for optimal comfort and durability, the handgun confidently leads the way in the most challenging environments. Holster models available for preorder include Safariland’s 6378RDS, 6360RDS, 6390RDS and 6390RDSO. Safariland RDS holsters are designed for firearms equipped with red-dot sights and incorporate the Automatic Locking System, locking the firearm from every angle and providing secure retention and an intuitive draw. MSRP: NA



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