ATN TICO LT Thermal Clip-On Sight

The new TICO LT Series from ATN improves on its previous TICO clip-on system by making a slimmer and more ergonomic solution.

ATN TICO LT Thermal Clip-On Sight

American Technologies Network (ATN) has released a completely revolutionized thermal imaging scope system, the Tico LT, that aims to merge the traditional reliance on glass scopes with cutting-edge thermal sensors for a highly advanced thermal image.

Not only is this any avid hunter's dream - it's also designed and optimized for ease of use. This seamless clip-on technology will provide hunters with the best night time image quality available, without the need to buy a new scope. As the winter season looms with increased hunting challenges, add another dimension to your hunt by equipping yourself with the new Tico LT from the leader in thermal optics, ATN.

Many thermal scope options exist today, but not a single one that meets the needs of traditionalists that can't part ways with their old tech glass scopes. However, ATN has changed that by introducing the redesigned Tico LT, a slimmer and more ergonomic system than any in the market. This rifle scope now uses the latest ATN Obsidian LT Core with 12 micron sensors.

The Tico LT incorporates a proprietary internal battery which gives up to 10 hours in field use. With this scope users have nothing to zero or adjust. The Tico LT just has to be mounted in front of the glass scope on the rifle and it's prepared for anything day or night - no complications.


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