Quality Optics When it Counts

Meprolight delivers proven military performance in every optic.

Quality Optics When it Counts

Meprolight began its mission to design innovative battlefield-tested products to support Israeli Defense Force soldiers in 1990. Today, the company supplies 134 countries and manufactures a range of products for the global military, law enforcement and commercial markets. 

Originally, the company manufactured self-illuminated (tritium) sights for levelers to help improve mortar fire accuracy for the IDF, but it has since become more well known for its optics. 

Shooting Sports Retailer recently spoke with Eric Suarez, brand manager for Mepro USA, about the company’s evolution and cutting-edge electro-optics it’s currently producing.

SSR: Meprolight has delivered some very innovative optic features. What’s the company philosophy behind research and development?

Suarez: We work directly with the IDF to develop innovative solutions for modern warfare. We also keep a very close eye on new innovative technologies that can be incorporated into our existing products to make them even better. We are always looking three to five years down the road to continue to develop our innovation culture. 

Meprolight helped pioneer the use of tritium in the pistol and rifle sight market. We were the first company to introduce different color options and the first company to patent the use of phosphorus with tritium for pistol and rifle sights. The Mepro Foresight is an extremely innovative red-dot that provides real time data (compass heading, battery indicator, and sight leveler) and functions like a heads-up display on your rifle. Bluetooth technology provides 20-plus reticle choices and 10 shooting profiles, while the Meprolight app provides automatic digital zeroing. Simply take three shots at the target, take a picture with your cell phone and the digital algorithm zeros the optic for you. The Mepro Foresight is a completely customizable red-dot to maximize your shooting performance and experience. It will pay for itself in savings of your hard-earned time, money and ammunition. The shooter can also store up 10 weapon profiles within their app without having to re-zero and can move the optic from firearm to firearm or even multiple ammunition types for the same firearm (think .300 BLK subsonic and supersonic). We also pioneered battery free solutions (Mepro M21) that have been in service for 20-plus years with the IDF and other militaries around the world. Watch out for the newest generation to be launched, resetting the battery-free segment soon. We at Meprolight will never stop innovating or driving to find ways to be better. Our customers deserve it.


SSR: Can you talk a bit about the build and construction of Meprolight optics?

Suarez: In Israel every citizen serves in the IDF, both men and women, typically right after high school. We take quality control very seriously (an optic is a life), for us it is personal because when an optic fails, we could very easily lose one of our own. Every optic that is produced goes through intense quality control measures and our optics must pass through multiple zeroing stations and gun simulation to make sure its hold zero before it is sent into the field. Our products exceed mil-spec standards and are known for their durability. Meprolight is proud to have less than a 1% defective ratio on electro-optics and night sights.


SSR: What separates Meprolight from all the other optics companies vying for space on retailers’ shelves?

Suarez: Meprolight manufactures the best mil-spec product for the price! Israel-made, American Tough is the mantra that we live by. The products are made in Israel and are battlefield tested and proven. Meprolight offers industry leading packaging and interactive counter and floor displays where the customer or end user can see, visualize and experience how the sights work and feel.  Our point-of-purchase sales are proven to triple retail turns and maximize profits. Our optics risers come with QR codes that show videos of the products and work as a silent salesperson in your stores to increase sales. Meprolight can customize your assortment plan to cater to your store’s specific needs. This is a key advantage for all retailers to work with Meprolight as we also offer prepacks with best sellers and an equal dollar exchange as an insurance policy. We have a customer-first mentality with the goal of providing the best service in the industry.

SSR: What’s your hottest new product?

Suarez: The Mepro Tru-Vision is the newest mil-spec red-dot and offers a vast range of capabilities that delivers mission flexibility and target precision optimized for modern weapon platforms. The Tru-Vision features a modern ergonomic, lightweight design that takes up less rail space while featuring a large viewing window (increased situational awareness) with a crystal-clear reticle (2 MOA dot). There are eight daytime settings along with four settings to be used with NODs. The Mepro Tru-Vision is equipped with an auto brightness sensor that offers unmatched visual clarity of your reticle in any lighting condition. It comes with an integrated motion sensor and configurable sleep mode to preserve battery life (4- or 8-hour options). This unit was built specifically for the Yamam, Israel’s elite special forces anti-terrorism unit. This product has been perfected for the military and law enforcement users but like our other products we make them available for the everyday shooter. The Mepro Tru-Vision will be available just in time for the holidays making it the perfect optic to get into your cases.


SSR: What are your biggest challenges in today’s shooting sports industry?

Suarez: There are a lot of choices in the marketplace. Staying price competitive without losing quality and staying true to who we are is very important to us.


SSR: The optics market has expanded significantly over the past decade. Has that created more challenges or opportunities?

Suarez: There are quite a few more players within the market, which makes things more challenging. With that, there are a lot of products coming out of Asia and the price is significantly cheaper but the quality and overall performance of these products are lacking. Like the adage says, you get what you pay for. We have always strived to provide battle-tested and well-thought-out optics at a very reasonable price. This is one reason that we put so much time and effort into our counter displays. We are always looking to educate and give people the opportunity to see our products before making the purchase. One thing we will not cower to is quality — we build products for the ones that put their lives on the line. That will never change.   


SSR: How can retailers be more effective selling thermal and night-vision optics?

Suarez: Thermal and night vision devices are not used by the everyday shooter so customers must rely counter workers, YouTubers and reviews to obtain their education on the product line. It’s critical to offer training (day and night) classes to maximize your success. You can also think about renting thermals to expose customers to what the brand has to offer in terms of features and benefits. Most customers will come back and buy it if you can connect with them and they know that objectively you are trying to help them make the best decision. The biggest thing with NODs and thermals is the buy-in is so high, then when you make the decision to purchase the range of prices is all over the map. If a counter worker can make a connection as the subject matter expert, then you will find that your sales will rise because you’re building trust and pointing them in the right direction.


SSR: Are there any dealer incentives for newcomers or loyal customers to work with Meprolight brands? How would a retailer get started?

Suarez: We do offer a new store discount that includes merchandising and some extra dating. We make selling our optics and self-illuminated sights easy with our turnkey merchandisers and pre-pack assortment plan that come with planograms and offer high-margin opportunities and increased product turns. We also have an equal dollar exchange for our customers so we can customize your product mix for maximum performance.

New Meprolight partners can call our customer service team at 717-985-4488 or send an email to sales@meprolight.us,


SSR: What will 2023 and beyond hold for Meprolight? What should dealers be excited about?

Suarez: We are working on a robust product road map with new innovative, technical products that will drive sales for years to come. With Meprolight you always get a little bit extra as we are known for our brightness, clarity, and product durability.


SSR: What do you want people to think about when they hear the name Meprolight?

Suarez: When people here the Meprolight name we want them to know what went into the product. For us it isn’t just a sale. The optic that makes its way to your rifle could have been on the production line next to an optic that will serve in defense of one’s nation. Our brand is about family, loyalty and freedom, and all of that comes through thoughtful and innovative products that come down to one word … Quality.


SSR: Anything else you’d like to add?

Suarez: We are constantly striving to offer the most affordable mil-spec optic that one can purchase. We do it our way because we believe in quality, and no one wants their optic to fail when they need it most. If your life depends on it, Meprolight!



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