Keeping Hunters Comfortable — the High-Tech Way

Quality outdoor products from Zippo can keep your hunting customers comfortable in the field longer — a win for you and for them.

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Keeping Hunters Comfortable — the High-Tech Way

It’s the age-old debate: Is technology ruining the way we hunt? While many items in this category have been long settled (no one is arguing about compound bows anymore), the debate rages on regarding items like cellular trail cameras. Some of the advances we’ve seen in our equipment in the past few decades have truly changed the hunting game — some for the good, some maybe not so much.

But one long-overdue technological advance can hardly be argued as anything but wonderful: the advent of gear that helps keep hunters warm in the field.

Cold has long been one of your hunting customers’ worst enemies. Few things will cause even a determined outdoorsman or woman to pack up and leave the woods more quickly than cold fingers or toes or the all-over shivers. No matter how much you want to keep hunting, if your hands get too cold to safely and comfortably operate your bow or gun, the game is over before it starts. And cold kids in the field? Forget about it. The day is done as soon as they get chilled.

Fortunately, companies like Zippo are changing everything we know about staying warm afield with the advent of tech-driven warming gear. Though the brand offers a variety of handy fire-starting accessories that any outdoors enthusiast will get great use out of — fire starters, tinder, matches and more — the real magic for hunters comes in the form of hand warmers.

Every hunter knows the value of those little chemical hand warmer packs that can keep your fingers from freezing up on a long treestand sit. They’re cheap, plentiful and effective, but the chemical packs have their drawbacks. Hunters need a constant supply because they’re single-use items, and throwing away little paper sacks of hardened who-knows-what every night isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. And if your customers are anything like me, they might need to use four or six of them in a hand muff to generate enough warmth on really cold days.

Zippo HeatBank® 9s
Zippo HeatBank® 9s

Reusable hand warmers solve all of those problems and offer some additional benefits. Zippo makes refillable fuel-powered hand warmers as well as rechargeable options. The HeatBank® 9s hand warmer, in particular, is a smart option that gives hunters the best of all possible worlds — effective, reliable, long-lasting heat that you can recharge and use over and over. The 5200 lithium ion battery recharges via a USB and offers up to nine hours of dual-sided heat. Users can choose from six heat settings for adjustable and comfortable warmth up to 120 degrees F. Battery and heat indicator lights let you see at a glance how much juice you’ve got left, and you can even use the HeatBank® 9s hand warmer to charge your phone or other USB-compatible device afield.

As far as high-tech devices go, this one is remarkably simple to use, with a single button to power the HeatBank® 9s hand warmer and adjust the settings. Customers of any age, even the most traditional old-school hunters, will find it simple and effective. There’s no fuel to refill and no packs to throw away. No shaking to activate and then having to wait half an hour for heat like with the chemical heat packs. Just push the button and adjust the heat level to your environment! It’s even ergonomically shaped to make it natural and comfortable to hold. At just 5.5 ounces with a one-year warranty and available in a variety of colors, the HeatBank® 9s hand warmer is a slam-dunk for your customers who have trouble staying warm in the field. And while you’re at it, look into Zippo’s other products for the outdoors in the heat and flame categories.

Becoming a Zippo dealer is easy, with no long-term commitment, and you can manage inventory and ordering easily through Zippo’s new dealer portal. Your customers are likely already familiar with the Zippo name through the company’s well-known lighters, so take advantage of that brand recognition and consider introducing shoppers to the company’s outdoor products like the HeatBank® 9s hand warmer.

It's true that technology has changed how we hunt — some for the good, some not so much. But quality products that keep hunters comfortable in the field longer or encourage them to go out on the coldest days when they might have otherwise stayed home are some of the most valuable tech we’ve seen in ages, and that’s a good thing for you and your customers.


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