Celebrate National Shooting Sports Month in August at Ranges, Afield

Celebrate National Shooting Sports Month, taking place in August, by putting it on your calendar of things to do with friends and family.
Celebrate National Shooting Sports Month in August at Ranges, Afield

Dreaming of a late summer vacation or weekend outing? Make sure to celebrate National Shooting Sports Month, taking place in August, by putting it on your calendar of things to do with friends and family.

This is the NSSF's second annual event  and all during August, shooting ranges, firearms retailers, public and private shooting clubs, shooting sports organizations and fish and wildlife agencies will focus their attention on the fun and excitement of target shooting by encouraging newcomers and experienced shooters to head to the range.

“National Shooting Sports Month focuses attention on the fun, safety and sociability of our sports,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. “This is a great time to safely enjoy a day at the range with your family and friends.”

Helping new shooters learn proper safety measures and shooting techniques can build confidence and create fun outings. (Photo: NSSF)

Manufacturers, shooting sports organizations, shooting ranges and retailers will be participating in or lending support to National Shooting Sports Month. To help spread the word about the businesses and organizations involved, while also providing a one-stop resource for participants, NSSF has relaunched www.ShootingSportsMonth.org.

Among its many interactive features, the site contains a search tool to identify participating ranges and retailers that have scheduled events by state, as well as safety information, target shooting skills tips, introductions to new shooting games and information on how you can participate in the month-long Trigger Time Sweepstakes.

Retailers and ranges also should download the National Shooting Sports Month logos from the site for use on their social media pages, mailings and marketing materials. In addition, the celebration’s social media campaign will encourage inactive shooters to dust off their shooting gear and active recreational shooters to invite someone new to the shooting sports and act as a mentor.

“We received so much positive and enthusiastic support from our industry family for last year’s inaugural National Shooting Sports Month, we think it will be almost impossible for anyone to resist grabbing their favorite firearm, a few friends or family members and head to the range to see what all the excitement’s about,” said Zach Snow, NSSF Director, Range Services.

“We want to know about it! Tell us on our Facebook page, Tweet us and share your Instagram photos with the hashtag #LetsGoShooting, because this is what any of us who own a firearm have been waiting for,” Snow added.

10 Ways to Help Customers Celebrate

  1. Encourage Them to Try Something New—Is your customer a hardcore pistol shooter? Suggest they take out that shotgun they haven’t used in a while and give sporting clays, skeet or trap a try. Are they primarily a shotgun shooter? Tell them about local IDPA matches to test their pistol skills or the local F-class match that stretches their rifle skills.
  2. Introduce Someone New to the Shooting Sports—There's nothing quite like seeing the excitement on a friend's face after they take their first shots. Encourage your customers to take a friend or family member to the range for the first time.
  3. Range time with targets and family or friends can be fun at any age. (Photo: NSSF)

    Cash In On Deals—If August is traditionally your slower month, with National Shooting Sports Month it doesn’t have to be. Retailers and ranges across the country will be offering specials during the month. Your customers can got to shootingsportsmonth.com to find the ranges and retailers near them—and that means every retailer and range should list their business there.

  4. Rediscover Shooting—Everyone has those customers they see only a couple times a year. Find your mailing list, send everyone postcard and urge those part-time shooters dust off their gear and head to the range—and take a friend with them! Sometimes it takes busting a few clays or knocking down some steel plates to remember just how much you love to shoot.
  5. Show Your Customers the Video—And put the link on your own website. At www.shootingsportsmonth.org, you’ll discover how to hone shooting skills with video tips from experts in handgun, rifle and shotgun.
  6. Excitement for a Lifetime—New shooters especially need the opportunity to disover that the shooting sports are affordable, accessible and inclusive. They’re lifetime activities you’ll enjoy with family members and friends, so help spread the word.
  7. Concerned about Safety?—The shooting sports are safe. Ranges emphasize safely handling firearms at all times and securely storing them when you’re finished at the firing line. Tell your customers about your facility’s safety programs and provide them other resources, such as NSSF’s ProjectChildSafe.org, that demonstrate that our industry leads the way in helping them stay safe when handling firearms.
  8. Celebrate Freedom and Tradition—Whatever your customers’ shooting sport, help remind them about the importance of passing on a tradition and educating others about the unique American freedoms that make participating possible.
  9. Share It!—#LetsGoShooting is the theme of National Shooting Sports Month. Your store, range, and your customers are urged to use the hashtag and share your experiences on your social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, helping to remind others to give target shooting a try.
  10. Win a Great Prize!—We have another great Trigger Time sweepstakes this year. Your customers can enter the sweepstakes at www.shootingsportsmonth.org and have a chance to win great prizes during the National Shooting Sports Month celebration this August.

Featured photo: National Shooting Sports Foundation


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