First Look: What's New From Forster, Legacy Sports, Federal, EAA, Timney, Dillon and More

Take a look at some of the hottest new hunting, shooting and outdoors products for 2020 from top companies.

First Look: What's New From Forster, Legacy Sports, Federal, EAA, Timney, Dillon and More

EAA 1911 S Noel pistol is new for 2020.

Take a look at some of the hottest new hunting, shooting and outdoors products for 2020 from top companies as selected by our editors.

Timney Impact AR Trigger

Timney Triggers recently announced the addition of the Impact to its extensive line of premium aftermarket triggers. This budget-minded AR drop-in trigger is machined from billet steel and hand-tested to deliver a crisp, clean, 3- to 4-pound break and will fit all mil-spec ARs.

All Impact components are captive in the lightweight, aluminum alloy housing. The hammer is wire-EDM cut from S7 tool steel that combines hardness to resist wear with superior impact resistance to withstand heavy use without chipping or breaking. Other components are wire EDM cut from A2 tool steel, then heat treated for long service life. The Impact is easily installed using the rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins. MSRP: $149.99. Info:

Timney Impact AR trigger

SB Tactical TAC13 Stabilizing Brace Kit

Enhance the functionality of Remington’s V3 TAC-13 compact personal defense shotgun by adding greater stability and resulting accuracy with the length-adjustable TAC13-SBA3 or TAC13-SBA4 Stabilizing Brace Kit from SB Tactical. The kits are complete, ready-to-assemble and include an SBA3 or SBA4 brace, ERGO Flat Top Suregrip, ERGO 6061 aluminum V3 adapter, castle nut, mil-spec carbine receiver extension and adjustable nylon strap. Like all SB Tactical stabilizing braces, the TAC13 kits are U.S. veteran designed and proudly manufactured in the USA. MSRP: $269.99. Info:

Sig Sauer 300BLK FMJ Rifle Ammunition

Sig Sauer has added 125-grain 300BLK to its Elite Performance line of full metal jacket (FMJ) rifle training ammunition. With a muzzle velocity of 2,145 fps it is a great option for those seeking cost-efficient, high-quality training rounds chambered in this popular cartridge. Sig Sauer 300BLK FMJ ammunition is manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas, to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. MSRP: $25.95. Info:

Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

Federal FireStick

The Federal Premium FireStick is the critical component of a revolutionary new ignition system that uses an encapsulated polymer propellant charge that loads from the breech, while the bullet is loaded from the muzzle. This makes the powder totally impervious to moisture and the elements and provides for fast, effortless loading.

The FireStick is fueled with clean-burning 100- or 120-grain Hodgdon Triple Eight powder charges and is compatible with Tradition’s new NitroFire muzzleloader. The FireStick unloads quickly, simply and safely by slipping it out of the action — there’s no need to fire the rifle. MSRP: $26.95. Info; 

Federal Premium HammerDown Ammo

Federal Premium HammerDown ammunition is designed for optimal cycling and overall performance in lever-action rifles, with load velocities customized to produce superior ballistics and terminal performance in this short-barrel rifle platform. The construction of the molecularly bonded soft-point or hollow-point bullets have also been adjusted for the best accuracy and expansion at those velocities.

The geometry of each round’s case and bullet ensures flawless cycling through tubular magazine and typical lever-action feeding systems. For the initial launch of the HammerDown product line, Federal selected the most popular lever-action rifle calibers: .327 Fed. Mag., .357 Mag., .44 Rem. Mag., .45 Colt, .30-30 Win. and .45-70 Govt. MSRP: $19.99 for all cartridge offerings, except .45-70 Govt., which is $38.99. Info:

Harris Engineering Picatinny Rail Mount Bipods

Harris Engineering now offers a line of canting bipods that mount directly to a picatinny rail. For quick attachments the user simply tightens the knurl nut on the side of the mount. To detach, the knurl nut is loosened until it comes in contact with the lock nut. For a more permanent mount, the knurl nut is tightened down and then the lock nut is tightened until it’s against the knurl nut.

These bipods will mount to any rifle with a picatinny rail and feature spring-loaded folding legs that are adjustable for height and come in a variety of sizes for use in any shooting position. Models available with the picatinny rail mount include: SBR2P, SBRMP, SL2P, SLMP, S25CP and S25CP CAMO. MSRP: $159.02-$231.72. Info:

EAA Girsan MC1911 Noel Zarza Handgun

European American Armory Corporation’s latest competition handgun, the Girsan MC1911 Noel, incorporates features recommended by EAA’s newest sponsored USPSA competition shooter, Noel Zarza. It’s built on a fully machined steel frame and slide with a matte nickel finish and features an extended beavertail and ambidextrous safety and checking on the frame front and back grip for a confident grip.

Its skeletonized target trigger breaks cleanly and crisply at around 2.5 pounds. It also features a fully adjustable target rear sight and textured laminated grips. This single stack competition semi is offered in .45 ACP (8+1 capacity) and 9mm (10+1 capacity) with a 5-inch barrel, an overall length of 8.75 inches and a weight of 2.55 pounds. MSRP: $1,075/.45 ACP; $901/9mm. Info:

Girsan MC1911 Noel

Dillon 650/750 Pro Autodrive

Handloaders choosing to automate their Mark 7 hand-operated press need look no further than the Dillon 650 Pro Autodrive. Its digital sensor technology, torque sensing motor and jam sense technology ensure a safe and trouble free loading experience.

The Autodrive system comes pre-assembled on a ½-inch aluminum billet base plate ready to simply bolt on the press with the included hardware. The package includes the high horsepower motor, gearbox, motor mount and supplementary electronics. Its 10-inch android tablet comes pre-loaded with Mark 7 software and is user upgradable for life.

Everything needed to turn a hand-operated press into an automated ammo factory is included and typical installation time is only 20 to 30 minutes. MSRP: $1,994.95. Info:

Starline .270 Win. Brass

Starline Brass has added the .270 Winchester to its growing lineup of high-quality brass. The .270 Win. has been around nearly a century and is chambered by almost every major firearm manufacturer with a hunting rifle in its lineup. In fact, it was a favorite cartridge of Starline Brass founder Frank Snow for elk hunting. It also performs well as a varmint caliber when loaded with the lighter 90- to 110-grain bullets.

At Starline, multiple hand and machine inspections ensure cosmetic and dimensional characteristics meet the highest level of exacting standards. All Starline cases are contained between each step of the manufacturing process to maintain superior quality and consistency. MSRP: $108/for 250; $200/for 500; $376/for 1,000. Info:

Truglo Tru•Tec Micro

Whether riding the slide of an optic–ready handgun or outfitting a rifle or shotgun with ultra–lightweight accessories, the new Tru•Tec Micro is a great sighting option. The Micro incorporates features of the Tru•Tec line in an ultra–lightweight and versatile profile, including digital push–button brightness control and an idle auto–off system to save battery life.

Three new models deliver a host of features including a 3-MOA reticle for fast target acquisition, 23mm x 17mm multi-coated objective lens, digital push-button brightness controls with 10 settings, locking windage and elevation adjustments, a Picatinny rail mount, ABS hard shell cover and much more. MSRP: $235.99-$261.99. Info: 

Harris Bipods Kryptek Highlander Camouflaged Bipods

Harris Bipods is now offering a Permodized Kryptek Highlander camo finish on select models of its bipods in addition to its standard all-black anodized versions. Available in the 1A2-25C and the (S) series 25C, they have the same all-weather durable finish as the original models. The 25C series has a solid base and 25-S series has a swivel base.

Harris bipods clamp to most QD stud equipped bolt-action rifles and have a sling attachment provision. Spring loaded folding legs are adjustable for height. They are manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys and come in a variety of sizes for use in any shooting position. Hinged bases feature tension adjustment to eliminate unwanted movement. MSRP: Varies by size and model. Info:

Bell and Carlson Tikka T3/x Sporter Style Rifle Stock

Bell and Carlson’s sleek, lightweight Tikka T3/x Sporter Style rifle stock is designed as a “drop-in” fit for Tikka Hunter, Hunter SS Lite, Lite SS, Camo SS and Laminated SS rifles. It’s also a fit for Tikka T3/x long, short and WSM actions with standard factory contour barrels in .204 Ruger to .338 Win. Mag.

Its full aluminum bedding block extends from the grip to the front swivel stud and its bedding block recoil lug eliminates the factory recoil lug, which is a weak link, especially in larger calibers, according the Bell and Carlson. It incorporates a 1-inch Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, and standard length of pull is set at 13¾ inches. It is designed to be free-floated. MSRP: $285. Info: 

EOTech Vudu Riflescope, Magnifiers

EOTech, a division of L3Harris Technologies, has added the versatile 1–8x24mm Second Focal Plane (SFP) configuration to its Vudu riflescope lineup. Like other Vudu scopes, the 1–8x24mm SFP is made from aircraft-grade aluminum — including a one-piece 30mm tube — for strength and durability. It features clear and bright XC High-Density glass with extraordinary resolution, color fidelity and low-light performance characteristics. It also has surgically precise turrets and intuitive push-button reticle illumination controls. The HC3 quad-level BDC reticle features a precise 0.5-MOA illuminated center dot and 2-, 5-, 8.5- and 12.5-MOA subtensions on the vertical axis (at 8X power). It measures just 10.5 inches in length and weighs a mere 21.1 ounces, making it shorter and lighter than most other scopes in this configuration. MSRP: $1,399. Info:

Also, EOTech has added three weapon sight magnifiers to its 2020 lineup — the G30, G43 and G45 — joining the existing G33, the magnifier used by members of the U.S. Special Operations Command. The G43 is one of the most compact and lightweight magnifiers available. Its flip mount provides fast transitioning from 3X to 1X and the optic offers tool-free vertical and horizontal adjustments. The G45 5X magnifier has similar weight and dimensional properties as the existing G33 magnifier, but with an additional 2X magnification for precision aiming at greater distances. The G30 provides shooters with the same great magnification properties as EOTech’s G33 magnifier at less than half the cost. MSRP: varies. Info:

Vudu 1–8x24mm Second Focal Plane

Rise Armament Rave 140 Trigger

The Rave 140 drop-in AR-platform trigger from Rise Armament is the second generation of the RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger (SST) — a budget-friendly, reliable, high-performance upgrade. It has a smooth, crisp break and a short Quik-Klik reset for improved accuracy and faster follow-up shots. A comfortable curved trigger blade sits farther back for greater trigger control.

The Rave 140 also is available with a straight, flat trigger blade. Installation is fast and simple, with no set screws to tighten on the new model. Anti-walk pins ensure secure installation. MSRP: $139 Info:

Rise Armament Rave 140 curved, flat trigger

High Speed Gear ReFlex IFAK System

The ReFlex IFAK two-piece system from High Speed Gear was developed with direct input from active-duty medical personnel, designed to organize and hold the contents of the U.S. Army-issued IFAK ambidextrous accessibility. The system comprises the ReFlex Carrier and Med Roll.

The carrier can mount horizontally and vertically on belts, as well as on MOLLE platforms as small as High Speed’s Operator Belt, while the roll can hang from a car head rest or IV rack without spilling its contents. These can be purchased together or separately. MSRP: $100/Complete kit; $65/ ReFlex Med Roll; $40/ReFlex Carrier. Info:

High Speed Gear ReFlex IFAK two-piece system

Remington Premier AccuTip-V Ammunition

Designed to meet the exacting standards of long-range predator hunters, Remington Premier AccuTip-V ammunition utilizes a polymer-tipped, sleek profile, tapered jacket bullet and special loading practices that ensure optimal performance with every shot — a marriage of match-grade accuracy and explosive on-game terminal performance.

Optimized to deliver maximum downrange energy, AccuTip bullets expand quickly, producing a heavy dose of transferred energy. At impact, the gold polymer tip is driven rearward causing the thin jacket and soft lead core to fragment violently. The use of temperature stable propellant ensures consistent velocity and performance even in extreme environmental conditions. Available in popular predator-hunting cartridges ranging from .17 Rem. to .243 Win. MSRP: $20.48-$37.04/20 rounds. Info:

EAA Girsan MC1911 Match, Match Elite Pistols

EAA Girsan MC1911 Match and Match Elite single-action pistols are loaded with features but come with a budget-minded price tag. Both models are built on fully machined steel frames with deep groove slide serrations and competition-style features such as a fully adjustable sight, extended beavertail and ambidextrous safety, checkered grip safety and frame, long hole hammer and target trigger.

The MC1911 Match comes in blue, two-tone and nickel finishes with checkered laminated grips. The MC1911 Match Elite includes many of the same features as the Match, plus a fully adjustable competition rear sight, G10 grips, a competition trigger, a competition barrel with a cone barrel lock-up and Girsan’s competition matte hard chrome finish. MSRP: $792.40-$873.

Sig Sauer P320 RXP Red Dot Series Pistol

Sig Sauer’s P320 RXP pistols combine a factory installed Romeo1Pro reflex optic from Sig Sauer Electro-Optics with four popular P320 9mm striker-fired pistols: Full-size, Compact, XFull and XCompact RXP. The Romeo1Pro is a miniature open reflex red-dot sight that comes with 12 brightness settings.

It features a molded glass aspheric lens with high-performance coatings for superior light transmittance and zero distortion, and a new upgraded point-source emitter for increased brightness. Its TruHold Lockless zeroing system is designed to endure recoil and return to zero shot after shot. It has a TruHold Lockless zeroing system, IPX-7 waterproof rating and 20,000-hour battery life. MSRP: $849.99-$999.99. Info:

Trijicon SRO Pistol Optic

The Trijicon Specialized Reflex Optic is a red-dot style sight specifically designed for target and competition shooting as well as hunting applications. With a large, clear lens and an unobstructed field of view, the SRO enables quick target acquisition and effortless dot tracking during recoil. This allows the shooter to focus on the target, which significantly increases speed and accuracy.

The SRO can be easily mounted on many popular red-dot-ready pistols, and its top-loading battery compartment allows easy battery replacement without removing the sight from the pistol. The parallax-free SRO has intuitive illumination control for dot brightness, including both manual and automatic dot brightness settings and a new brightness lock-in feature. It’s manufactured from forged 7075 aluminum and tempered glass for durability. MSRP: $749. Info:

Walker’s Game Ear XCEL 500BT Muffs

Walker’s Game Ear combines sophisticated sound processing, intuitive menu navigation and rich electronic control features with an intelligent, forward-thinking approach to design and ergonomics into its new XCEL 500BT shooting muffs.

The Xcel 500BT’s next-generation Sound-Activated Compression and variable Dynamic Sound Suppression automatically adjusts compression time according to noise level intensity and duration instead of using conventional “fixed-time” compression.

The result is improved hearing protection regardless of the sound environment. The user can select between four different listening modes for a custom experience via a soft touch button control panel located on the headband. By Bluetooth pairing the unit to a mobile device, calls and notifications connect through the muffs. MSRP: $149.99. Info:

Forster Products .257 Case Mouth Cutters

The .257 caliber has been added to the list of available 3-in-1 case mouth cutters from Forster Products. This tool combines case trimming, inside deburring and outside deburring into one fast, easy step. Long-lasting carbide blades simultaneously perform three functions to save time and improve consistency while 1) Trimming the case to length; 2) Chamfering the inside case mouth to an angle of 14 degrees; and 3) Chamfering the outside case mouth to an angle of 30 degrees.

Used on a Forster Products original case trimmer, the 3-in-1 case mouth cutter uses high-quality blades made from U.S.-manufactured carbide. If used exclusively on brass cases, these blades should never need sharpening. MSRP: $99.40. Contact:


Forster Products .257 Case Mouth Cutter

Legacy Sports Magazine Conversion Kits

Legacy Sports polymer mag conversion kits come complete with a new floor plate that adapts to Howa 1500 or Remington 700 BDL rifles and also come with a new magazine that adapts to the new floorplate. Both are available in standard and magnum calibers. Once the kit is installed, additional mags are available separately.

This is one of the simplest, quickest and affordable upgrades available for Howa 1500 or Remington 700 BDL rifles — easily installed or removed for various shooting or hunting applications.  They're  available in 5- and 10-round options, and individual mags are available. MSRP: $69/complete kit. Info:


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