Sig Delivers a Custom Experience

Sig Sauer’s AXG Scorpion is a lightweight, full-metal P320 with custom touches.

Sig Delivers a Custom Experience

Is it possible to have too many 9mm pistols? That may be debatable to some. For those who prefer a bit of variety it’s not up for discussion. Whether stock, custom, large or small, aficionados enjoy having something new to consider, even if they stick with the trusted sidearm already in their possession.

Sig Sauer’s new limited-edition Custom Works AXG Scorpion is finding a home in many shooters’ holsters and range bags. Available in 9mm and part of the popular P320 line that has myriad spinoffs, the AXG Scorpion is a metal-framed pistol with several differences that make it shine. Your customers will be asking about it.


The AXG Scorpion was the first offering from the Custom Works group, which debuted in late 2020. Sig Sauer’s Custom Works division takes something like its popular P320 pistol and cranks it into overdrive with special features and limited offers. Just with the P320, for example, you have the M17/M18 selected by the U.S. military branches and U.S. Marine Corps as its basic sidearm. Others in the P320 family include the Nitron Full-Size, X5 Legion, X Compact, RXP Compact (with optic) and more. 

With the Custom Works AXG Scorpion, buyers will receive the pistol in a sleek, black combination-lock Negrini case that looks like a small briefcase. Closed-cell foam keeps the AXG Scorpion and extra mags secure. A pocket in the lid secures the owner’s manual or other papers. Buyers also receive a custom pewter Sig Sauer challenge coin that says “Custom Works, Live Free or Die, Newington, NH USA” on a U.S. flag.


The Guts

We got a first look at the AXG Scorpion last autumn during a media event at the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire. If you have a chance to attend a buyer’s or retailer’s event there, do it. The Academy staff is incredibly helpful and you’ll gain a ton of firsthand information about the products along with improving your shooting skills. 

The AXG in the name stands for Alloy XSeries Grip, the metal grip module that serves as the foundation for the pistol. This aluminum alloy is tough, durable and provides a metal foundation for the P320 variant as opposed to the polymer model on the M17/M18. Buyers who want a full metal pistol will appreciate the AXG. Unlike the M17/M18, which has stippled grips, the AXG comes with aggressive Hogue G10 Piranha scales. They can be removed easily should someone want to customize the pistol. The slide is engraved with the SIG logo and Custom Works. 

The pistol has an extended beavertail that assists with acquisition in the holster and during shooting. An oversized trigger guard cleanly accepts a gloved finger and the flat-blade, skeletonized metal trigger comes from the Legion series. The frame and slide are finished in a Cerakote Elite coating in Flat Dark Earth; the only color difference is from the mottled grip scales. Buyers who want something in black, coyote or another color won’t find it with the limited AXG Scorpion. 

It has a removable dovetailed plate that can accept red-dot optics including the Sig Romeo 1, Trijicon RMR and SRO series, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Holosun and others. The AXG Scorpion comes with tritium-filled X-RAY3 day/night front and rear sights. The rear sights are white, almost pinhead in size, while the front is a larger dot in vivid green with a white center. Red-dot optics are the rage, and rightly so given the improvements in quality and battery life. But when push comes to shove, knowing how to shoot on regular sights is still best. The basics never go out of style. 

Inside the AXG Scorpion, the Sig Sauer firing control unit runs the show. The FCU has a titanium nitride frame, the skeletonized trigger mentioned above and is compatible with all 9mm, 357 Sig, .40 SW and P320 post-upgrade accessories. Each FCU has its own serial number. As with almost every product being manufactured and shipped in the last year, there have been supply issues. Patience is critical, as is expressing that to your customers.

On the Range

I shot the AXG Scorpion last autumn while at the Sig Sauer Academy with a group of gun writers. We were there to learn about the firing control unit and the Custom Works division. The range availability of the Scorpion was a nice bonus, and I wanted to see how it compared with my M18. 

The AXG Scorpion is quite enjoyable to shoot and accurate on steel from the 7- and 10-yard lines. Loaded with 115-grain Sig Sauer Elite Ball ammo, the pistol offers only mild recoil thanks to its alloy frame providing a smidge more extra weight over its polymer-framed M18 cousin. We shot a variety of targets for repetition and familiarization before diving into group competition. 

I enjoy competitive shooting, although my final score stunk due to lack of practice (my fault) and an eye issue (repaired surgically since the trip) that created problems getting on target later in the day. But that doesn’t take away from the AXG Scorpion. 

This is a fine pistol on a limited run that likely will excite your customers. Shooters who want a compact, hefty gun that fits big hands and is accurate will find it to their liking. Collectors may enjoy it, as well. Take a look at it before it disappears.


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