Selling Crossbow Optics

The precision of modern crossbows calls for quality optics to suit individual preferences.

Selling Crossbow Optics

Crossbows have been around for centuries, evolving from ancient warfare tools to popular hunting and sporting equipment. While crossbows boast remarkable accuracy, adding a scope or optic can take your shooting experience to new heights. Additionally, selling crossbow-specific optics creates an upsell opportunity that delivers added performance and value to the customer and added revenue for your business.

Precision and Accuracy

Imagine being able to hit your target with rifle-like accuracy, even at extended ranges. That's precisely what a scope or optic can offer you when attached to your crossbow. Today’s crossbows have unparalleled accuracy and the capability to take game at ranges unheard of even just a few years ago — up to as far as 100 yards. At those extended distances, a typical “post and V” sight has too many limitations to fully take advantage of performance beyond traditional archery distances. It also requires the need to shoot at longer distances by holding over the target, which is only consistently accurate with a great deal of practice. 

By providing a magnified and clear view of the target, specifically designed crossbow scopes in combination with the exact distance from a rangefinder enable much more precise aim, enhancing performance and ensuring a more humane and ethical shot.

Extended Range

Crossbows are known for their ever-increasing and, these days, rather impressive ranges, but with the addition of a scope or optic, the accuracy at that range improves dramatically. A scope allows you to identify and engage targets at longer distances, increasing your effective shooting range. Just like adding a scope to a rifle, the magnification of a crossbow scope gives you a clearer view of a distant target, as well as allows for the better identification of potential downrange obstacles like grass or branches that may not be easily identified with the naked eye. Whether hunting or shooting in competitions, the added range provided to a modern crossbow by a scope or optic can provide a significant edge.

Types of Crossbow Scopes

a. Non-magnified Multi-Reticle Scopes:

One of the most popular options available in the crossbow optic market, multi-reticle scopes offer a variety of aiming points, typically marked in a multi-reticle pattern. This feature allows you to compensate for trajectory and shoot accurately at different distances, similar to a bullet drop or Mil-Dot reticle seen in today’s long-range riflescopes. With multiple, precise markings, multi-reticle scopes make it easier to adjust your aim without needing to manually adjust the scope itself. These types of scopes can have a limited range, though, as they are magnified to 1x- the same as the naked eye- and share similarities to and limitations of the multiple pins on a bow sight. 

b. Variable magnification Scopes:

Variable magnification scopes offer adjustable magnification levels, allowing you to zoom in or out to suit your shooting needs. These scopes provide versatility, as you can change the magnification based on the distance to your target, bolt speed in fps, or the type of shooting activity you're engaged in. From close-quarters hunting to long-range precision shooting, variable zoom scopes can easily and rapidly adapt to your needs. They can have several different types of reticles — from a plain crosshair, to an illuminated single aim point, or even a multiple reticle like the ones mentioned above. 

c. Red-Dot Sights:

Red-dot sights offer a simple aiming solution for crossbows. These scopes use a projected red dot, enabling quick target acquisition and allowing the shooter to keep both eyes open. They work well in close-quarters situations and are particularly popular in fast-paced hunting scenarios where quick target acquisition is essential. They typically have 1x magnification, but can be found in multiple magnification levels from some manufacturers. 

Improved Low-Light Performance

When hunting or shooting in low-light conditions such as dawn or dusk, a scope or optic can significantly enhance visibility and shot placement. Some optics come equipped with illuminated reticles, which provide a bright, contrasting aiming point against dimly lit backgrounds. These scopes allow you to maintain accuracy and confidence during crucial low-light moments. Be aware that with this and the above mentioned red-dot-type scopes, it is important to check the state game laws prior to hunting with them. Some states prohibit illuminated pins or reticles for different types of hunting. 

Today’s crossbow scopes come in various sizes, reticle patterns, and magnification levels, allowing shooters to tailor their setup to their preferences. The wide range of options available provide perfect fit potential for any shooting style or preference, but where to begin? 

Top Brands

When it comes to maximizing the crossbow shooting experience, a high-quality optic is an essential accessory. The right crossbow scope can significantly improve accuracy, allowing shooters to hit targets with precision. Below are some of the more popular models available on the marketplace. 


TenPoint is a renowned brand in the world of crossbows, and their commitment to excellence extends to their line of scopes. They offer a variety of models, including those with multiple reticles and standard reticles. The TenPoint Multi-Line Scope features multiple aim points calibrated for different distances to Ten Point crossbows, allowing for quick adjustments without manually having to dial in the elevation — simply sight in at 20-25 yards and the other reticles should line up precisely to several more distant ranges, providing that your crossbow bolt travels at the necessary velocity. 

It offers superb clarity and comes with a 1.5-5x magnification range, making it suitable for varied shooting scenarios. For those seeking a standard reticle with fixed magnification, the TenPoint 3x Pro-View 3 Scope provides a simple yet effective aiming solution, with a fully coated lens system and 3x magnification. Every Ten Point Crossbow is available with a scope paired to its standard bolt configuration and speed. 


Hawke Optics is renowned for producing high-quality scopes across a range of shooting disciplines. Their crossbow scopes combine precision and durability, making them a favorite among crossbow enthusiasts. The Hawke XB30 Compact SR offers a multiple reticle design, with aim points from 20 to 100 yards. This scope features fully multi-coated optics for exceptional clarity and a compact build for maneuverability in the field. It also includes an illuminated reticle with red/green illumination options. One of the most interesting things about this scope is that the magnification adjustment correlates to the bolt speed. Simply dial that magnification to the corresponding speed in fps and the multi-reticle should line up exactly for each range listed to the right of each horizontal reticle. For those seeking a standard reticle, the Hawke XB1 Vari-Speed SR is also an excellent option. With a speed selector ring for adjusting the reticle to match the velocity of your crossbow, this scope ensures accurate aiming at various distances.

Vortex Optics:

Vortex Optics is a brand recognized for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with all of their optics. Their crossbow scopes deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The Vortex Optics Crossfire II Crossbow Scope is a popular choice, featuring a V-Brite illuminated reticle for improved visibility in low-light conditions. With its variable zoom and shockproof construction, this scope offers versatility and durability. Vortex Optics also provides excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty on their products, ensuring peace of mind for the customer that it is a high quality optic that the company stands behind. 

HiLux Leatherwood Crossbow Scope:

The Leatherwood Crossbow Scope is a piece of optical engineering that promises to elevate your accuracy game in the field. It is a 1X to 4X variable power scope that automatically corrects your line of sight from 20 yards to 80 yards. I found both commendable strengths and notable quirks that distinguish it in the crowded market.

The Leatherwood Crossbow Scope boasts an innovative ranging and aiming system that allows for lightning-fast target acquisition. The built-in ranging technology provides instant distance feedback, empowering hunters to make swift and accurate shots. One standout feature is the dual aiming points, a thoughtful design element that accommodates different arrow speeds. This flexibility ensures that whether you're unleashing a bolt at a hare in close quarters or a majestic buck at a distance, aim remains true.

While the dual aiming points are an asset, there's a learning curve involved in mastering their application. For some, especially those new to advanced crossbow optics, adjusting to the dual reticles might take a bit of practice. Some users might also find the field of view slightly constrained, particularly when tracking fast-moving targets. This limitation, while not a deal-breaker, does require a hunter to be more deliberate in their scanning and targeting process.

The Leatherwood Crossbow Scope stands out as a precision mechanical and optical instrument. Its advantages in rapid target acquisition and dual aiming points far outweigh its learning curve and limited field of view. For those who crave accuracy in the heart of the hunt, the HiLux Leatherwood Crossbow Scope proves itself as a worthy companion in the quest for the perfect shot.


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