Consumer Survey Results: Top Hunting and Shooting Brands for 2018

Based on consumer surveys by Southwick Associates, your customers have strong opinions when it comes to buying hunting and shooting gear.
Consumer Survey Results: Top Hunting and Shooting Brands for 2018

Men and women are spending millions of dollars on hunting and recreational shooting equipment every year. Do you know which brands they prefer?

During 2018, Southwick Associates surveyed more than 20,000 hunters and recreational shooters through its online and sites to identify the top brands in the market.

In 2018, some of the most purchased hunting and shooting brands include the following:

  • Top rimfire rifle brand: Ruger/Sturm Ruger
  • Top handgun brand: Smith & Wesson
  • Top handgun ammunition brand: Federal (including Fusion)
  • Top reflex/red dot sight brand: Vortex
  • Top laser rangefinder brand: Nikon
  • Top laser sight brand: Crimson Trace
  • Top scope mount brand: Leupold
  • Top propellant/powder brand: Triple Seven
  • Top crossbow brand: Barnett
  • Top arrow brand: Easton
  • Top broadhead brand: Rage
  • Top archery sight brand: Trophy Ridge
  • Top reloading dies brand: Lee Precision
  • Top reloading powder brand: Hodgdon
  • Top reloading bullets brand: Hornady
  • Top decoy brand: Zink/Avian-X
  • Top game call brand: Primos
  • Top lure scent brand: Tink’s
  • Top hunting knife brand: Gerber
  • Top gun cleaning brand: Hoppes
  • Top holster/ammo belt brand: Uncle Mike's
  • Top choke tube brand: Carlson

More than 100 products were examined in the Southwick Associates 2018 Hunting & Shooting Participation and Equipment Purchases Report. This in-depth resource illustrates sportsmen’s participation and shopping behaviors, including the percentage of sales occurring across different retail channels, brand purchased, price paid, and demographics for hunters and shooters buying specific products.

Additional information tracked in the detailed survey includes total days spent per activity, type of hunting/shooting activity, preferred species and where they hunt.

In addition to topline reports covering hunting and target shooting, annual reports also are offered by Southwick Associates for special segments including archery consumers, deer hunters, turkey hunters and waterfowl hunters. These reports provide the industry with an in-depth profile along with trend insights on the specific market.

Custom, confidential research is also available to help understand brand awareness/perceptions, identify products most desired by consumers and optimal pricing. To purchase a report or discuss custom research, contact Nancy Bacon from Southwick Associates.


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